July 7, 1997

Port of Mystery

Will you take me away to a far off land,
gently walk on pebbles ,dews or sand,
where the flowing river touches your feet,
where the blowing wind whispers sweet,

Will you show me the way,
to swing dance and sway,
Will you walk with me to sunset,

to the land of mystery
where there is death only of misery,
where no unborn is slaughtered,
where no soul one is murdered,
where there are no smoking guns,
where innocence is not on the run,
where no danger lurks in the dark,
where no terror awaits you in the park...

is there such a port in history ?
or is this the port of mystery ?


“Stop staring at me!  Stupid cab, didn’t see the puddle. Now please, eat baby, don’t fuss,” said June pushing the tray. Just then Consta...