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I wish I could untick the clock
go back to my childhood block,
The road that leads to those childhood feelings,
Those somethings or sometimes nothings,
The memories splash on my face,leaving a trace,
The cloudy mornings and the cool breeze on my face,
running wild crossing the daily anticipations,
wishing to break free of all rules and regulations,
looking to go out there and explore the sky,
touch the clouds or simply fly,
The old cycle I took to school,
I just had to look cool,
would make faces to look serious,
while some girls went delirious,
make a promise each day,
to come back with a better bike someday,

the friends I made, those moments we played,
breaking window panes and then hiding,
the finding and the chiding,
again going back to doing the same thing,
coming back home with a bruise or two,
or just miss school pretending flu !

barely reaching the neighbors window,
a pair of eyes and eye brow,
peep inside with a look of lost and found,
explore up and down and all around,
blow vapor on the glass and l…

Dream Chronicles vol. 4

From some strange reason yesterday i ve had 3 dreams back to back....and each time I got up thinking I must remember to write it down...and now when I am finally getting down to doing it - I don't remember where to start !

Well scenario 1. was something to do with 's somewhere in the evening and i am running into the forest,there are dangerous objects in the way,couldn't quite identify what exactly though,however as they come close to attack me i could change form or shape...
again,that's particularly weird because of late neither have i read or seen any science fiction movies which might have had a subconscious impact on my mind.

Scenario 2. is where I see that I am in a train,seeing the platform pass by,and this train is inter connected right till eternity.IT is such a long train that one cannot see the engine,something like it fades into the white light ahead.I am running inside the train,and I see some familiar faces but dont particularly recall anyo…