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26 mixed feelings...

Mixed are the emotions that arise,
Mixed are the arguments that rise.
Mixed are the thoughts that summarize
Mixed are the lives that survive..

Mixed are the pains that remain,
Mixed are the hearts that drain,
Mixed are the blessings that people get,
Mixed are the redemption's that await.

Mixed are the roads that some take,
Mixed are the stops that some make,
Mixed are the forks that coincide,
Mixed are the paths that decide,

Mixed are the beliefs that question
Mixed are the question that notion
Mixed are the answers that define,
Mixed are the fates that fight the crime.

Mixed are the innocents that reside,
Mixed are the residents that hide
Mixed are the races that help
Mixed are the faces that whelp.

Mixed are the loved ones that remain
Mixed are the corpses that lay strewn
Mixed are the tears that dry
Mixed are the fears that cry

Mixed are the dates that bring terror
but same is the blood that spills,now and forever...

Page 3 Bites.

Candle light vigils,we the people debates
be it religion or politics of the states,
rocking parties are a heady mixture,
add to that a dash of "parda-faash" culture,
breaking news television,
shake it with some wardrobe malfunction
some drunken party brawls
or window shopping in the malls,
they re everywhere, from twitter to emails,
cheers to our Page 3 cocky-tails.

Some look Serious,some delirious,
sometimes whacky and
sometimes downright tacky,
in your face or plain disgrace,
our P3 are all over the place.

Blowing kisses in the air,
wearing a dress-rare,
they flip flop around,
make an annoying sound,
or give an expert comment instead,
understanding of which is limited,

the rape of a nation,
best discussed over a cocktail concoction,
snacks served on terrorism bites,
end the evening with a DJ night.

Bitch about the local nymphet,
or simply blow their own trumpet.
if nothing else catch a reporter,
go to the bar to discuss manslaughter,
or just buy him a drink
get the dam…

Time in a bottle

If I could save time in a bottle,
the first thing that Id like to do,
is to save everyday, till eternity passes away
just to spend them with you,

if i could make days last forever, if words could make wishes come true,
i d save every day like a treasure, and then again spend them with you...
If I had a box just for wishes, and dreams that had never come true,
the box would be empty except for the memories of how they were answered by you...

If I could make teardrops turn to dew,
i would empty my heart and pour it for you,
to walk on and leave footprints new,
for me to find those memories of you.

If I had eternity sway by my side,
love that would never have cried,
and youth being always true,
I would give it all away
just to have one last look at you...

The song "Time in a bottle" is song written and sung by the late Jim Croce just before he died in a plane crash. Listening to the song is absorbing, to say the least. It kind of sucks you in.Powerful lyrics and lilting melody…


"I have been in and out of the country more than you can imagine… so I know".

The statement hung in the air for some time, before an out of focus pair of blank eyes, came back to reality. Colonel Gupta, now 57, looked like 75,stopped himself from a sharp retort. Just like he had done for the last 24 years.

A well travelled officer, a decorated officer, meticulous and extremely proud of his country.Col. Gupta was well respected by his peers and seniors .He commanded a huge respect right from the Jawan on the front to the Field Marshall. He had fought wars leading from the front and won medals of honor, and was in the process of becoming the youngest Brigadier in the country.
The telephone call concluded, and he sat back with a sigh...he'd just been offered a role as a defense attaché in Amsterdam. He had to make a choice - decide between serving the nation or the corporation. It was a difficult one.

He took up the job with one of the big MNC's in town shutting his memor…

Show me the way or take me away..

How do you keep on going ,
when you don't see the light ahead,
how do you keep on living,
when an innocent tear is shed.

How do you keep on smiling,
when your heart is bleeding,
How do you keep on being positive,
when peace has taken a sedative.

How do you not give up,
when things are not looking up,
how do you keep fighting,
when your life is approaching the evening.

If there is one above,
this is the time to show your love,
keep the spirit on a roll,
or take out the burning soul.
show me the way,
or take me away...

936 words

It is a regular Wednesday evening, workday was as usual,the rocking motion of the bus quite usual, the weather usual .6 people start their journey back home.Their middle-class lives did not permit them to have a private means of transport.Over the years some of them really didn't mind it.

Bijoy,an enterprising young man, a misfit with his sitting -on-the-rock-smoking friends,had packed his bags on his uncles confidence in him,and came to the dream city to make it big.His job in a startup was not a high paying one,and as the bus neared the railway station he thought "beggars are not choosers".

Harnam hated the fact that his father wanted him to take over the Tyre dealership.He wanted to sing.Sing to the world and hypnotize,mesmerize them with his golden voice.Tomorrow would be his big day afterall he was shortlisted earlier today for the next round of auditions in a reality show on TV. Maybe this was it.One more round and he would be on live shows...he slipped into a make …


Everything you touch turns to gold,
my heart bleeds and no one to hold,
Everything you do is a miracle,
my work is such a struggle,
Everywhere you go you are revered,
my life has no one bothered,
Everything you say is measured,
my voices are unheard.
Ever thought of lending an ear,
my life won't be in such a despair,
Ever thought of granting a wish,
my needs are genuine not a fetish
Ever thought of coming down to Earth?
you could be surprised of your worth.
Ever thought of being stuck in a traffic?
my computer could show you the gory graphic.
Ever thought of paying rent?
my pocket can't even afford a tent.
Ever worried of getting fat?
my tummy swells just like that.
Such is my life o dear God
show me the way or take me aboard.