September 21, 2010

Fragile Lives

He was old now,

Time flew by somehow,

white hair,wrinkled skin

told a thousand stories hidden within

No one cared, no one bothered now,

You reap what you sow and how,

Once the shining uniform glittered bright,

Induced unspeakable brutal fright,

How a soldier merely obeyed the law,

Killing a thousand jews without a flaw.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - This 55 "ficto-real" story is written in the form of a poetry.Evil Klaas Faber, 88, looked like an ordinary old age pensioner. But his white hair and glasses hide a shocking past as a bloodthirsty killer who volunteered for Hitler's notorious SS party and a roving Gestapo death squad, Faber was sentenced to death after being convicted of war crimes in 1947. But his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Faber was one of the seven Nazi officers who escaped from Breda prison in Holland on Boxing Day 1952. Since then, Germany has rejected the demands by Britain and other countries to hand over Faber , listed as the fifth most-wanted Nazi fugitive.

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September 3, 2010

Return ... To Innocence

‘Just a few days more & Barbie would be gone’ mama said coldly.

‘Don’t worry I am there with you always' said little Lisa consoling.

Lisa looked up innocently and asked her mother ‘but at least will her hair grow back?’

Mamma could not bear this any longer and she silently sobbed in the corner of the room.

Lisa went into her own little world.

‘Just a few more days and I will have to leave’ said Barbie.

‘But why can’t you stay with me’ Lisa argued.

‘I will make sure your hair grows back Barbie and you will look beautiful just like before...’

Eight days later Lisa left Barbie doll in the hospital, never to return again.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - In the year 2000, approximately 256,000 children and adults around the world developed some form of leukemia, and 209,000 died from it. Hair loss,excessive bleeding, acute depression and fatigue are the most common Chemotherapy side effects.Family members are left in utter despair to see their child suffer endlessly every single day as they watch helplessly.

Hoping the pain would go away, but knowing it would also mean death.

In our daily materialistic lives,we keep running and become oblivious to things that don't affect us. At least ,let us take a moment to go visit a nearby hospital and help in cheering up their lives. It need not be monetary benefit, it could be a simple greeting card just to make them smile for that one moment - which I can promise, you will cherish forever.



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