March 16, 2012


The memories of that night,
a slightly lit hope and smoke
The darkness cloak fighting light,
rubbing hands and a fiery stoke

the flickering faces and those hazel eyes,
the drying water and parching throat,
shivering hope and involuntary fingers
rushing blood and an unfamiliar coat.

Splattered passion and faceless walls,
knocking fear and blind windows,
flighted stairs and grinded hope
Locked life and closed doors.

Pounding skin and a gagged heart,
stretched fear and sweaty calves,
moist nape and clawing mark
choked love and a life halved.

Gyanban Thoughts - This poem, if I may call it so, is written keeping key elements of fear,and love in juxtaposition.This experimental and probably does not confirm to any poetical norms, not that i care or understand much.But the point is that I enjoyed writing it,especially the dark claws and hence the title claws - trophobia. Perhaps someday this will or might be considered for a movie caption or title while using the poem as a narration. And if it doesnt, i ll still feel ok.

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March 4, 2012


The reminiscent path of a lonesome teardrop
Of feelings buried and passion unstopped,
Cloaked  beneath the smiling lips,
Of forgotten shores and empty ships.

The careless wind and heedless locks,
Of the wandering keys and still clocks.
Cold waters and snow blinds,
Of memories and milestones left behind.

All that remains today in the deep underground,
Some silent smiles and lost tears unbound,
Of buried love you will never unearth,
The Eden underground & the barren land above.

Gyanban Thoughts - some lives are never found, buried deep within, some feelings are never unearthed lost somewhere deep underground.As time passes us by and end comes close the heart yearns to find the un found and bind the unbound.

Written for Onesingleimpression prompt :Underground
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Fade away

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