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Flamingo City

The Virar local left at 8:02 AM as usual. The ride was usual but today, the end was going to be fascinating.

Twenty five-year-old Kalpana Patel had made it to her dream job in the Indian Forest Services. Her long cherished dream of being an IFS officer was about to come true. Kalpana was on her way to Churchgate station to collect the certificates from the UPSC center.
‘Congratulations beta I am proud of you’ texted Jatinbhai Patel her businessman father. Jamnaben Patel, called immediately after –‘Baka now you need to think about getting married, bahu thayi giyo. At your age I was already carrying your sister – do you realise how time is running out?’
Kalpana didn’t respond, her life was not going to be relegated to a Virar-Churchgate fast local, cutting vegetables and assisting her father’s business in South Mumbai. Yet here she was in a Mumbai local train unsure how her future would unfold.

 As the train moved in slow rhythmic oscillations, Kalpana put on the headphones and drifted awa…

Inhale Insight

'From about 110,000 kinds of smells in nature, humans perceive just about 100-200'

''Yes you ve told that to me before.' Mrs.Sarayu Joglekar whispered into his ears.
Mr.and Mrs.Joglekar sat next to each other holding hands on seat 34A and 34B. Mr.Joglekar was next to the window.He touched the window with the back of his fingers.It was cold.
'How much longer?' Mr.Joglekar inquired.
'Its about 15 hours from Bangalore we are only into the sixth hour my dear.'
'I cant wait to see Lake Como'.
'Be patient darling it still will be about two hours from the Milan airport.'
This was the first international holiday for the couple,and they had waited twenty five years to fulfill this long cherished dream.Mrs.Joglekar was a professor in the prestigious Wellington College and she worked hard to keep their life moving through the everyday challenges.

It was her idea to go for this vacation.The choice of destination was Italy. Simply because…


There was a stretch of road that screamed of the vast emptiness on either side. A distant horizon was the only guiding light. Winters in the deserts of Rajasthan were particularly unforgiving. No civilization in sight, no habitation, just sand and plenty of time on their hands and some more elements that completed the perfect picture, aptly titled ‘Stranded’.
Just as the sun-set, Mohita and Mallika’s cross country journey sputtered and spattered to a screeching halt.Nothing to look forward and nothing to go back.

‘What do we do now?’Mohita the quieter one spoke out of nervousness. ‘Stop being such a sissy – when I am there, you don’t have to worry about anything’ – the bolder one retorted sharply.

Mallika got out of the car and stretched her arms as if nothing had happened, yawned and looked around with lazy elegance.Mohita followed suit , gingerly alighting the car inhaling the cooling breeze blowing across.

‘Looks like the breeze is picking up speed’ Mohita opined. ‘Now what?’

Mallika of…


Look at the mirror and see your face,
Mind is crowded,it needs some space, You are persistent and strong, Put on the mask and sing along.
As the dawn moves to dusk, As the lights switch on first, As the birds fly away, You, begin your day.
Off you go to work and say Good morning to everybody,everyday. A bright smile meets the eye, Hidden beneath is the sacrifical sigh.
You work the nights, Brave the lights, Work into the dawn, Without a yawn.

You miss your momma’s pampering, And Papa’s kind words, Something you never valued then, But now your emotions are stirred.
Or be it your fiance’s lonely look, Those longing eyes, shift back into the book, Your wife has cooked lovely food, You wont eat together, is silently understood.
Your husband shrugs and bids you bye, Your daughter’s little fingers, tug your tie, And all you can say is good bye. And head off with a sigh.
As you drive off in the car, Those lonely eyes follow you far.
I don’t know who you are, But you must be, some kind of superstar.

 Gyanban - I ve notice…