September 15, 2013

Colors of Grey

‘So what happens in the end ? asked her curious eyes.

‘Well, she dies’ he said after a pause.

‘How could he do that ? I mean, didn’t he love her?’ she asked being a bit puzzled.

‘He did , he loved her and yet killed her’he answered plainly.

‘What was it – religion,another man, money , greed or plain insanity?’

‘You don’t get it do you? Whether it is blue ,green,red,white , what ultimately matters is grey – life is grey – its not as well defined as the other colors,its in-between,neither here nor there, just like life, don’t you see the colors of life are so mundane? They need a bit of both, certainty and uncertainty, the predictable and the unpredictable,just like grey. Oh I just love that color – I even sketched her in grey after about an hour.’

Advocate Nalini Singh sat in the prison cell, trying to find the reason why she was listening to the man who killed her sister.

Gyanban Thoughts : Sometimes there comes a serial killer who has no reason to kill.No childhood trauma or abused life, he is just plain grey - probably a gene defect, its in his DNA to kill. These people find reason and logic in simple things and correlate it to their act of crime.This of course is a fiction story,but there is a disturbing increase in such criminal behaviour. 

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September 10, 2013


After yet another boring day at work,Stella trudged into her apartment.
The Spitz barked every time she crossed his path.
‘Hush  puppy’she chuckled ignoring him.
Walking into the living room,she reclined on the rocking chair. 

Just then,widower Mr.Venkatraju, walked out of the bedroom with a newspaper & sat on the rocking chair.

Irritated, Stella flew out of the window.

Gyanban Thoughts : a 55 fiction after a long time.This time the theme is spooks.Thought of writing a longer version initially,but settled with micro fiction format. Ghosts hang around the places they love.In this case,perhaps it was Stella's house before she died.The Spitz remembered her and needless to say Mr.Venkatraju was completely oblivious to what was going around him! The title Anamnesis means recollection or remembrance of the past. Hope you guys liked it!

Fade away

and then, just like that, one day we will fade away, aging books on empty shelves, receding memories of ourselves, sail away l...