Writing is simple,but not easy.

August 25, 2019


If he dies young,he had a great future,
If he lives long,they hope he dies soon.
If he spends less,he is stingy,
If he spends more,he's showing off.

If he travels less,he's a frog in the well,
If he travels more, he's a nomad.
If he mixes with people, he's a socialite,
If he lives alone, he's ostracised.

If smiles at everyone,he's creepy
If he frowns, he's grumpy.
If he looks you in the eye, he's gaping,
if he looks away, he's shifty.

If he talks less, he's arrogant,
If he talks more, he's ignorant.
If he talks less, he's a fool,
If he talks more, he's so full of himself.

If he screams, he's a loud mouth.
If he whispers, he's concealing.
If he pleads, he has no spine,
If he demands, he's a dictator.

If he dresses as he chooses, he's a rebel
If he follows norm, he's boring.
If he has a preference, his orientation is wrong,
If he remains in the closet, he's a hypocrite.

If he has morality, he's prude.
If he is liberated, he's promiscuous.
If he chose tradition, he's history,
If he chose modernism, he's a story.

If he believes in his God, he is a fanatic.
If he renounces religion, he is a traitor.
If he has no God, he'd rather die,
If this is truth, he'd rather lie.

Who do you listen to
and who do you ignore,
where do you stay
and where will you explore?

Gyanban Thoughts : We live in a diverse world, a world of opposites.It creates noise.We contradict every aspect of our existence. But if we didn't, would it be a better place? An assembly line is not what life should be, yet the chaos of differences brings unrest.Being peaceful and co-existence is key, the question is how? How do we quieten the noise and be happy? What can we do to make the world a better place?

May 26, 2019


When the forest rhythms start to play
Walk with me, make me sway
Like a dreamy cloud caresses the window
Dream with me, fly with me, nadir or crescendo.
Like a feather's touch or tease,
Strolling down with ease
Rests on the button,
and then dives in with passion.
Droplets glide by my side,
as the heady feelings collide,
a storm builds inside
whips up a hungry tide.
The distant bells waft in spells,
Splash of water & the thirst it quells.
Pine trees sway their leaves,
A warm breath in a cold breeze.

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