September 19, 2007

Dawn Mind

Beyond the dark side of the mind
There s an interesting blend
Desire to reach for the sky
Or simply blown by the wind.

A speck of light breaks the darkness
A ray of hope fuels the weakness,
A torrential tide in the mind,
A soul boat behind.

Yet the road races ahead,
Yet the milestones keep crossing,
Yet the forks still coming
Yet we keep denying.

A simple truth
A powerful goal
A difficult path
A strong will

Near yet so far
Near to neither
Numb to reality
Notions of victory

September 11, 2007


There's something in the air -
Blurring the lines between fair and unfair,
Everything seems so right,yet so wrong
For emotions to explode,doesn't take long.

The fear of a choice one has to make,
Putting every myth at stake,
The path to ecstasy,
Is nothing but a complex fantasy.

One still goes along with the tide,
With nothing to hide in the ride,
A momentary lapse of reason
Or just a way to express passion.

The feeling is electric,
love flows through your veins like magic,
every drop transcends like a wave,
the rush is what you crave.

I breathe into your soul,
lost in the flow,
the world no longer exists,
the need to go on persists,

The storm is here now,
no where to run now,
it is strong and fierce,
every part it will pierce

Enjoy this new form,
Give it up to the storm.


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