Writing is simple,but not easy.

May 17, 2015

Somewhere, My love.

Did you get the tickets?
Those tickets to anywhere
Maybe we can fly together
Make that somewhere our home.

I don’t know where to start,
Maybe we could create something new,
I’ve left behind the past,
Our somewhere is just there.

Did you get the tickets?
Those tickets to anywhere
I saved some money for you,
We could start over new.

Managed to pack some food,
Fly away far,it will last.
You and I can both work somewhere 
See what it means to be living
more than dying everyday

Did you get the tickets?
Those tickets to anywhere
Its getting late and we don’t want to miss.
I’ve longed for this day forever now.

We’ve got to leave tonight or die this way
I can see the fireflies in the forest
as the City lights fade away,
And I want to belong somewhere
and believe once more.

Did you get the tickets?
Those tickets to anywhere
Only the window lay open in hope.
Its time and you never came.

Silently my somewhere is slipping away
And your absence screams from far
Did you love me any way?
Or just buy one ticket to go away.

Gyanban Thoughts : Just a few lines drifted in while I was listening to Fast Car.

May 7, 2015


The raindrops darted in like arrows. She walked past the lamppost looking back occasionally, he was nowhere to be seen. She closed her eyes controlling the shivers . 

Suddenly  everything around her was calm. A cool wind blew across her face and she opened her eyes. She angled her wrist to see the time.

The dials were moving anti-clockwise ...

Gyanban Thoughts:  Got back to writing after a long gap. Just not getting the time and mood together. This is a shot at micro fiction, originally tried to do  a 55 word fiction but I guess it didn't work that  way.

February 8, 2015


Memories are  a moment in time
When the reality is gone
It's a happier place
You keep coming back again.

But deep inside,You know why,
This moment will just trickle by,
Cant hold on even if you try
Yet you keep tugging a lie.

Get you into my world
And hide you within
and stop the clock ticking
I live or die trying.

Gyanban Thoughts : yet another few lines to capture a moment in time.Sometimes so difficult that you hoped it last a little more than a second...but it doesn't does it? Yet you keep hoping it will...

January 28, 2015


Gathered under the crescent moon,
Waiting for her to come back soon,
A withering look scratching traces.
Flickering candles light their faces.

Music keeps the jungle humming,
Broken tides keep on coming
Cries a woman under the hood
Time never cared or understood.

The stories are woven from molten gold,
As fortunes made and dream are sold
Yet the magic lies sparsely strewn

Find the path or fade away soon.

Gyanban Thoughts :  just a few lines about a female gypsy and her wandering mind and the longing soul.The journey she travels and the life she marvels ,the rocks she stumbles and the feelings that crumble....

January 25, 2015


Watch the flaming sun
Burn the road
Eyes left in lurch
Miles go by in search

At the station
Crowded raindrops
Leaving static trains
Watching moving people

Minutes clock moments lost
Watches non stop
Blink of an eternity
Waiting for you....

Gyanban Thoughts : Listening to Misha Safi's magical rendition  -Chori Chori  - scribbled a few lines. Waiting and longing for your beloved induces intense emotions when every one  and every thing else around you is talking...but your re not listening ...you re just waiting...

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