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The reality  -

Awesome you rock, amazing post - brilliant stuff. Mind blowing read and I am speechless.

90% of these comments are cut paste jobs. If you blog hop regularly you will notice.
Most people read comments and leave comments, some read the top few lines of your post
and the last few, some just skim through and expert comment!

People are generally polite, and do not point out mistakes.This gives a false sense of accomplishment and or satisfaction. On the flip side if they criticize then people get upset and take to personal attacks.
Worse a tit-for-tat approach because it hurt their ego's.

The other end of the spectrum is where the post/blog is actually very good but some people are desperate
to tear it down because of personal biases.

Does it sound familiar ? Yes I am talking about all the cosmetic comments and compliments you receive for anything and everything you write.

Does it ever occur to you how much of it is genuine? How much of it is real ?

Sure life would exist without knowing these realities.

This forum is not for them.

The thought -

This forum is for those bloggers who can handle criticism positively.

Those who can handle sharp critiquing.

This forum is for people who pay attention to detail.

Well if it makes sense to you - leave a link to your post.

But be ware -  this is not cosmetic, this is for real.

The hard harsh truth.

Think twice before leaving your link.

Needless to say there will be no personal attacks, no abusing and certainly no nonsense tolerated.

The format -

once you leave your post or blog link please indicate if you want a response on email or directly on the comment
section of your blog.

I will rate on a scale of 1-5  and evaluate on the following parameters -

  1. Content
  2. Grammar
  3. Typos
  4. Sentence Construction.
  5. Thought clarity.
  6. Flow
  7. Presentation
  8. Attention to detail.
  9. Intellect of a post.
  10. Visual Aesthetics.

If your ratings are -

  1. Extremely Sad
  2. Extremely Poor
  3. Somewhat OK.
  4. Somewhat good.
  5. Above Average.

Yes, the highest is above average. Now it totally depends on which  zone of the average you are - plus there
is no perfect - no one or nobody or no post or no blog is perfect.

I am not perfect either - by any stretch of imagination. I make mistakes too.

The idea is to strive to do better.

Lastly, please take it in the right spirit. The idea is not to embarrass you but to give you a reality check.


PS - you might think who is Gyanban to judge my post. - Well you are absolutely right.I am no one.

Someone's pig is somebody's bacon. !!


  1. I'd be glad to get any insight on my posts. I am always looking for people to review and see what I wrote from their own perspective. Used to read up on your posts earlier when I was active on indiblogger. Have restarted going there. My blog link is:

    If you can take out time to put forth any feedback, I would really appreciate that. Thanks.

    1. Sure Sourabh - I will look into your blog and let you know if there is any feedback.


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