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Return ... To Innocence

‘Just a few days more & Barbie would be gone’ mama said coldly.

‘Don’t worry I am there with you always' said little Lisa consoling.

Lisa looked up innocently and asked her mother ‘but at least will her hair grow back?’

Mamma could not bear this any longer and she silently sobbed in the corner of the room.

Lisa went into her own little world.

‘Just a few more days and I will have to leave’ said Barbie.

‘But why can’t you stay with me’ Lisa argued.

‘I will make sure your hair grows back Barbie and you will look beautiful just like before...’

Eight days later Lisa left Barbie doll in the hospital, never to return again.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - In the year 2000, approximately 256,000 children and adults around the world developed some form of leukemia, and 209,000 died from it. Hair loss,excessive bleeding, acute depression and fatigue are the most common Chemotherapy side effects.Family members are left in utter despair to see their child suffer endlessly every single day as they watch helplessly.

Hoping the pain would go away, but knowing it would also mean death.

In our daily materialistic lives,we keep running and become oblivious to things that don't affect us. At least ,let us take a moment to go visit a nearby hospital and help in cheering up their lives. It need not be monetary benefit, it could be a simple greeting card just to make them smile for that one moment - which I can promise, you will cherish forever.



  1. Nice post Gyan....I read an article talking about why Indians are not willing to do their bit for the society...I think we need to start doing something about it...but I must appreciate your post!!

  2. Shortest one written by you and yet so touching and powerful in the message. To me, these kind of happenings make me ponder over the transitory nature of our fragile existense.

  3. A short post but with a wealth of meaning and power.
    Such noble thoughts for a great cause.
    The story was very touching but your own thoughts were excellently put.

  4. very sensitive always :))

  5. Oh dear, this is painful and eye opening at the same time. Thank you.

  6. Have felt something really close in this regards. So no comments here.

    Just a thought, I think, the message 'Return' was not conveyed or I did not understand. Post was excellent.


  7. Nice.. ATB GB.. :)

  8. nice post...kinda touching...

  9. It is very sensitive, toching short one..
    All the best for BAT..

    Someone Is Special

    --Someone Is Special--

  10. Very short and crisp and I feel sad about the story!

    Who wouldn't? Leaving a Barbie doll, much more losing a child is the hardest to come by!

    All the Best for BAT14 Gyanban!

    Btw, I have tagged you in my las OSI post, pls check and claim your award in my place!

    Good morning! :)

  11. I have no words GB... u r an awesome writer... but more than that you are an amazing person... hats off to u for taking this unique take on the topic...

    Sensible Bakwas

  12. Amazing, I am moved by your words, life is a very fragile thing as much as I know, cherishing every moment you live is something I always believe even nearing death, I am sure I will never regret as I know I live my life well =D

  13. Moving. You are absolutely right. We should take time out to do our bit, however little it may be, to those less fortunate than us.

  14. Very poignant and a moving post but what amazes me the most is that every time, you manage to give us some facts and figures along with a strong message. Excellent!

  15. That was a strong message conveyed in a subtle way! And it makes me realize I should be here more! :)

    My tech-sense!

  16. I have to echo what Jaspreet said...every time you offer us with some statistics or valuable piece of information alongside fiction.
    Very moving write-up.
    Although this made me think that the story is more suited to the topic of 'goodbye' rather than return. Just my opinion though.
    All the best for BAT!

  17. wonderful post Gyanban.. Absolutely like the way your post always carries a message and a very strong one that too.. :)

  18. Wow! am touched. Wonderful way of saying things and yet so powerful. Great post and you were the first one to leave a link in Blogaton also!

    All the best!


  19. I love it when you send across a strong message in such a few simple words. Great story Gyan as usual
    Feels great to be back on your blog.

  20. short yet strong post...!!!

    Cancer has seen many phases but its been the worst everytime..!!!

  21. Very nice utilization of topic to create awareness for a public cause, loved the way you applied it here in this context. All the best for BAT

  22. Loved it .. you rock GB .. Sad Sad Tale of a very true situation. Short but as everyone said really strong impact and message. keep the good work coming

  23. I believe in action. I'm always telling myself and all others around me in doing and trying. I've always appreciated your initiatives to spread awareness. This is another one. When I first read and knowing that Barbie is the most successful doll ever produced I thought perhaps it's about something along those lines.
    Anyhow, anyone who's ever seen a loved one suffer knows a little more about it all than the falling hair itself. The conversation was abstract without being overtly benevolent.

  24. A humble request and the most appropriate. Why are we so busy not to give a second thought to visit the people who would enjoy our company? There is so much to share and support, it only needs an hour or so from our daily chores to be of some help who really cherish our company. One should think about it. Short yet complete. All the best.

  25. I like the info. you gave under the post. Made it all the more meaningful.

  26. Hello GB!

    Short indeed but at the same time it sends out a strong message. What did the trick for me though is the statistic. It's always comfortable to write a fiction for the author needn't have to go on an explanation spree. Whereas, writing a fiction and supporting it with facts & figures is sure a strong way of conveying your message!

    ATB with BAT! :)

  27. Wonderful. Painful Innocence.

  28. one of the very few posts which use very few words to convey many things.
    keep rocking :)

  29. simple yet effective, as u always are, Gyan :)

  30. :-( For a mom,it's a tough one to read! Well written and it was painful.

  31. a painful yet brilliant piece of work...all the best for BAT

  32. An eye opener but I thought it to be very negative. Many Barbies do win over Leukemia. But yes we as a society can do a lot more.

  33. Crisp and profound-leaves one thinking till long after. Good job.

  34. Touching post. And yes, though we talk about helping the ill, we rarely even go about it. Sometimes, even moral support can do wonders. Nice to see that message here.

  35. short .. sensitive and touching .... nice work

  36. An inspiring and impactful post! Good luck for BAT :)

  37. simple and touching....

  38. lovely message.....thought provoking :)

  39. gud post...well written and interesting....gud presentation..keep blogging and wish u all the best!

    By the way:
    hi.........i'm a 15 year old blogger.....currently taking part in the "My Demand" contest......
    please read my post n support me by voting if u find it interesting....

    My post link:


  40. Oh God!!! Why can't God spare children??? Powerful writing, GB.

  41. Touching and meanigfull

  42. My first visit to your blog and you made me think! Kudos to the concept!

  43. Hi, I stumbled on your post from Indiblogger when I was browsing through bloggers in Singapore, and I'm so glad that I came across your beautiful and touching post.

  44. Very touching story... coupled with such noble thoughts... in your own inimitable style.

    May your tribe increase...

  45. Your fiction interspersed with reality is a great art, and you do it very well.

    Keep at it. Always.

  46. Great post. It truly does mean a lot to the children if someone genuinely wishes to meet them and at least gives an honest try at making them happy. Thanks for reminding me this lesson that in my fast paced life, there should be time for good things too. :)

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