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Finding Mary.

Warm teacups and napkins perfectly in place, waiting patiently.

Window curtains flowing and the food was warm.

She was alone when they found her.

With no sign of a forced entry nor a panic stricken exit.

Mary appeared exactly a month after it dissapeared….

without it’s crew.

Right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - The Mary Celeste set sail around Nov 5,1872. About a month later it was found in the Atlantic Ocean unmanned and apparently abandoned, despite the fact that the weather was fine and her crew had been experienced and able crew.

The ship had been at sea for a month and had over six months' worth of food and water on board. The cargo was virtually untouched and the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place, including valuables. The crew was never seen or heard from again. Their disappearance is often cited as the greatest maritime mystery of all time.

Theories range from paranormal explanations involving hypothetical extraterrestrial to UFO abductions and even time travel. It remains a mystery till this day.

research source : wikipedia.

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  1. Ah, one of the most famous maritime mysteries on record. As you've already mentioned, there are numerous theories concerning the disappearance of the crew. No traces were ever found.
    If I'm not mistaken, I believe Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Captain of the Polestar' is related to the famous merchant ship?

  2. You have a way with words! liked this one! suddenly, there comes the twist. By the way, you seem to be a history enthusiast, which is quite rare these days. Its good to have bloggers like u here! And yes, i mean it!!

  3. hmm, interesting, but how would the food and tea be warm even after a month? or am i not getting the time shift?

  4. @D2 - yup right you are. Thanks for reading.

    @ARMWASH - well there is tons of fascinating history lying out there. Once you get hooked - you stay hooked. Thank you for the warm appreciation.

    @g - welcome to Gyan Ban - well that is exactly the million dollar question. Like mentioned in the story that when the ship was found,it seemed as if the crew had suddenly dissapeared leaving everything intact, well almost.Warm team cups and unspoilt food were part of the folklore and mystery.

  5. Hello Gyanban,

    Pretty intriguing I must admit. One of the eternal mysteries of sorts that reminds the mankind that, no matter how intelligent humans think they're,there is always something that is beyond their deciphering ability. Liked this one. Neatly done.

    I've been wanting to read your posts for a while now but somehow couldn't do it.Still wondering, why I didn't come here before? Not anymore though. Shall try and catch up with the good ones I've missed. :) :) :) Cheers!

  6. Wonderful post.. Good to know about Mary.. :)

    I doubt it must have been time travel.. :)

    Loved this one too.. :)

  7. Playing around with Mary? Interesting play of words.

  8. @Raksha - thanks and am glad you liked it. Yes there is always the x factor that baffles us every time we think we have it figured out.! Yes I would certainly invite you to read some of the posts - maybe you could take a look at the My Favorite Posts page on the top of the page - you can get a quick snapshot of the posts I ve enjoyed writing the most.

    @Bedlam - thanks for appreciating. You know if folklore has to be believed, time travel and alien abduction were the most highly voted.

    @purba - Your comment reminds me of the move there's something about mary! he he thanks for dropping by.

  9. So you mean to say the tea cups were warm..when they found the ship?...interesting...that indicate that the crew had just disappeared!!...will read more on it...

  10. Oh! Never knew about it! Any books on this?

  11. I totally didn't know about this maritime incident. *goes to google it*
    Spooky I must say!

  12. @Shahid - Yes so says the folklore. Sure you must read the whole story and make your own inference.

    @Aativas - Fascinating isnt it? Yes read A.C.Doyle's Mary...

    @Samadrita - Spooky indeed. Good I saw your tweet about Mary Celete.!

  13. Stephen Hawking has some interesting views on extra terrestrial life. If you're interested check out some of his articles.
    I like how you've always got little things from here and there that you put up for discussion.

  14. Mary, turned out to be the protagonist "Mary"time mystery - talk about "Mary Mary, quite contrary"!

    Very good one - had never heard about this bit of history- well written with powerful prose - how much you can convey in 55 words! WOW

  15. Good to know this...I guess that guessing is all we can do, after all we all love to imagine!

  16. Very intriguing... to say the least and you have a way with words...

    Would the 'Bermuda triangle' be the backdrop or inspire your next... ???

  17. I have been reading your blog for quite some time,but commenting for the first time. I love reading fiction and that's what brought me to your blog. I remember reading about Mary Celeste too and was intrigued by its mystery. Loved the way how you churned this into a 55-er

  18. @Sidra - well I follow SH quite closely and regularly.A brief history of Time is certainly one of his best works.He is in the news again - this time suggesting creation was from big bang alone.! Thank you for appreciating the story.

    @Sowmya - thanks and welcome to Gyan Ban. Yes it is a bit challenging to write 55ers. but I guess that's also the fun part isnt it? Thanks for appreciating the effort.

    @Nehha - yes it still remains unsolved till this day.You could read more about and realise the mystery does not end there.

    @Roshmi - coming from you I take it a big compliment. Yes I am researching on BT and trying to see if there are any compelling stories to tell. Thank you.

    @Dil Se - well better late than never - welcome to Gyan Ban. ! Thanks and am glad you appreciated the effort.

  19. I am honoured to say the least and look forward to your posts... which apart from being wonderfully narrated... make for an interesting and informative read... and encourages the reader to think as well.

    P.S. I noticed... someone has mentioned SH. I do not agree with his views... nor do I subscribe to Darwin's theories... even though we are trained to applaud them publicly, that is. Must say... I am more in agreement with the late Prof and nobel laureate Abdus Salam's theory and thinking/philosophy. SH lacks AS's humility too. Perhaps he is yet to make his peace with...

    It was not for nothing that Einstein (the accepted father of Modern science) and Thoreau (the great thinker) bowed their heads before the knowledge/wisdom/philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita. I must also say... that the Bhagavad Gita is timeless and noone... individuals/personalities/cults/faiths/groups, etc hold a patent over it.

  20. @ Roshmi - The are multiple facets to the creation theory.There is a scientific, there is a religious, and there is a para-normal angle as well. Each theory holds out on it s own simply because all theories are bound by a single thread - which is "Today" - because what happens tomorrow we just never know. till yesterday flying from Bangalore to Singapore was unimaginable, today it's just 4 hours away, till yesterday sending a message to someone in a far away land was time consuming, today it is instantaneous.

    Going by the same analogy about creation - our knowledge is restricted to history until today - we dot not know what will be proven or defaulted tomorrow...we do not know what is impossible today will be possible tomorrow. So one needs to be open to all aspects of creation/God/existence or any such strong belief system.

    It is therefore ironical that Einsteins theory of relativity is being now being interpreted in multiple ways and scientists are find new dimensions to theoretical physics and quantum mechanics is being redefined just as we speak. Who knows the big bang theory and creationism theory might just even co-exist on the same platform.!!

  21. i didn't know this.. thanks for triggering an interesting google search

  22. Yes... you have a point. Maybe I'll do a series of posts on this sometime... and then we can discuss.

    P.S. SH says in his new book that the Big Bang came from nothing... but where did the nothing come from then... ???


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