August 23, 2010


memories build
feelings balance
touched by time...

pain wanes
tears dry
touched by time...

looking back
turmoils rage
a salt statue...

melancholy sound
emotions profound
edge of cliff...

flying down
floating soul
reach the sky...

wonder why
drifted life
my pensive sky...

Gyan Ban Thoughts - be kind, you never know who's heart you touch and who's blessings you might need.
Each verse is for each stone in the picture.

One Single Impression.


  1. Time heals everything...
    Beautiful pensive poem GB.

  2. Pain, turmoils and emotions do drive you to the edge. But time does heal all.
    Lovely poem.

  3. Makes me think of the conversations that don't quite happen, the connections not quite made.

  4. I like how each stanza is stacked, like the rocks in the picture...

  5. @Rumya - yo are right time is indeed the biggest healer.

    @Nanka - Indeed. Thank you.

    @Gautami Tripathy - welcome to GyanBan.

    @Tumblewords - Merci.

    @SandyCarlson - We speak so much ...but we never talk about the right things.

    @Twitches -a glad you noticed. thanks and welcome to Gyan Ban.

  6. What a lovely've created a poignant and stunning piece. Nicely written.

  7. The mood of the poem is perfect, with the rocks representing a stanza, masterful work gyan....

  8. Time heals ,yes
    But one doesn't forget ever
    the moments painful..

    Beautiful take on the prompt.. loved it..

  9. I invite you also to visit.. A Little More Than Ordinary , my page to bless my 100th post and also to laugh a bit

  10. take my huge applause for making a wise post with simple words and wonderful crafting

  11. am listing it in my "I recommend " page :)

    keep expressing

  12. @Write Girl - well thank you for your kind words.

    @Shahid - am glad you appreciated it.

    @sudeshna - :-))

    @Ramesh - that was wonderful - and thank you.

    @Mahesh - bows - thank you. and another one for your recommendation.

  13. Amazingly beautiful GB..

    The new template.. I think the fonts must go a lil big.. Wat you say?? Just ma thinking.. :)

    And yes the Title looks great.. :)

  14. simplicity almost always makes a point. I really do enjoy dropping by here every so often.

  15. Deep thoughts Gyan, sensitive expression too, but i felt them a little disjointed. but overall, the words kind of mellow u down.

  16. @Bedlam - Took you suggestion and increased the fonts - thank you and much appreciated.

    @Sidra - couldn't agree with you more. I am so glad you do.

    @ARMWASH - Thank you for your feedback. I will try to better next time.

  17. beautiful! just loved it GB... keep them coming...

  18. Font looks perfect now.. Thank ya GB.. :)

  19. nice. the image adds to the mood of the poem.

  20. @Tavish - thnks a lot

    @Bedlam -You are welcome and thank you for your suggestion again.

    @g - it does, in fact it was the image that inspired the poem - one single impression.


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