June 26, 2021



Beautiful houses yet ugly homes
Quiet neighborhood and loud music
Bright paints and dark insides,
High rises and low patience.
Transparent windows and opaque minds.

Resort condo's and motel minds
Manicured lawns and unkempt yawns
Socially vocal and mutually quiet.
Modular kitchens and divided plates.

Flowing curtains and stifled pains.
Soft lights and hard fights
Illuminating chandeliers and dark minds.
Open gardens and closed doors.

White floors and black tongues
Crystal glasses and plastic gulps
Teakwood tables and porcelain egos
Homeless hearts, heatless souls
Many houses , yet so few homes.

Gyanban Thoughts: beneath the veneer of pretense lies the true meaning of home. Many can make houses only a few make homes. The life we lead in our minds reflects in our homes.

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