June 26, 2021

Home Alone


Open windows and closed domes
A quiet neighborhood and loud phones
Transparent windows and opaque minds.
Bright paints and closed blinds

Resort condos and motel minds
Manicured lawns and peaking blinds
High rises and short fuses
Big penthouses and small disguises

Socially vocal and mutually quiet.
Modular kitchens and mental riot.
Flowing curtains and stifled pains.
Soft lights and hard feigns.

Bright chandeliers and dark sins
Open gardens and sarcastic grins
White floors and dark rooms
Soft beds and dormant fumes

Crystal glasses and plastic gulps
Teakwood tables and emotional pulps
Homeless hearts and muted moans 
Beautiful houses, and so few homes.

Gyanban Thoughts: beneath the veneer of pretense lies the true meaning of home. Many can make houses. Only a few make homes. The life we lead in our minds reflects in our homes.

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