May 14, 2022


Houses in flames and hearts ablaze

Pain emerges behind the haze.

In hate lies a heart; in rage lights the mind,

Streets in scarlet and roads leaving milestones behind. 

Walking through the din and the noise within,

the light of hope blown by the wind

and the will to live flickering, or death lingering.

Life retreats from the world we live in.

Eyes closed and breaths slow.

Freeing the mind in a locked window

As a distant cloud sprinkles rain,

A petrichor of hope remains.

Gyanban Thoughts: these few lines attempt to capture the mood of the times we live in or the chaos surrounding us. How the pain around us drains our minds and the will to keep moving. It ends hoping to smell the distant petrichor of hope and neutrality(heathen) of beliefs below. 

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