December 3, 2008

Alien Thoughts

However it also makes me wonder why dont
the aliens show up once and for all ? Remove all doubt. What's stopping them ?
Assuming that they are such an advanced
technology,they shouldn't be worried by the poor earthlings attacking them,if that's their reason for not going "public"!Think about it .

Which is why I sometimes think that these are our next gen technologies developed internally and kept deliberately away from public so as to not create a panic situation.This information will be given to us in a staggered manner over the years. Besides there could be a commercial angle to it as well.

Maybe some of these technologies will be available in the market to buy and sell..hence perfecting it before hitting the market might seem a good idea.

It still doesn't discount the fact that this knowledge is certainly a combination of human intelligence and external superior intelligence.
Someone's creativity can only go that far - but to achieve this delta X effect,
one would need some knowledge from something out there.

A flying disc,say in 1947 will seem more plausible, unbelievable,tilting towards paranormal phenomena, than say 2007.
isn't it ?Discovery channel once showed an episode on experimental avionics.
Where saucer shaped, vertical rise air craft were being tested,dated back in late 60's.

In summary -

these space ships,flying saucers etc. are actually internal scientific experiments with the aid of alien advanced technology knowledge or awareness.

Mathematically, we cannot be alone in the universe.
I would imagine -one day everyone will be able to see them collectively -
almost as if at the same time.At the end of science there's God !

This "view" will then be debated as God vs Science...

November 20, 2008

Moody Blues

If a raindrop could trickle
inside your mind so fickle,
your eyes would roll
around the pole,
to give it some direction
perhaps caring love and affection,
or cool like mint,
subtle - get the hint ?
run with the little drop,
just flow dont stop,
blocked by a thought,
of the battles fought,
distanced by forks,
and the flying storks,
gliding and floating,
but still look for that fleeting feeling..

April 28, 2008

Roadless Travel

These are the times I guess,I think and I let it go,
somewhere one has to know,
which road to travel,where to turn
and when to stop.
There is fun in not knowing,exploring and discovering ad hoc.

We run against time at all times,when young -be old, when gold -try new. People just don't travel in the mind,stop evolving,the world is revolving.
Those who rolled with time,grime and blocks, have the mind bind in sands of time.

Be in now.enjoy the flow in row,keep an eye for the exit,
if you re lucky,you'll get it.

February 13, 2008


They will remind you of their power and glory,
drill in their superiority story,
wonders of achievement and challenges overcome,
so much work done and so much to come,

The idea is to be sharp they say,
to be smarter in every way,
and the ones you aren't
are the things that weren't

Where have all the simpletons gone?
or are they a bleeding result of the sharpness overdone ?
There still lies a charm in the Holy mistake,
else you could eat and have your cake !


Icebergs are melting, Facebook vacations are cooling. Business reviews are hot. Whatsapp calls are not, Climate is changing, G...