November 7, 2010


The burden of the secret she carried meant that she could not trust anybody. Besides there was too little time left. She had to find one of the two people she could trust her secret with in the entire world – one was Chong Lee Sun in Darchen and the other Roye in New Delhi city....

The race against time had begun.

Gyanban Thoughts

After a long hiatus,part due to research part due to work pressure I am nearing completion of an epic mini series.
Hold your questions and thoughts the wait is almost over....I promise you this will be one story which will keep you hooked right throughout.
Spiked with facts a suspense thriller awaits all you dear readers. Each episode is packed with taut action thrills and drama on a subject which has
rarely been read raised or debated on the blogsphere.

As is the tradition of this blog I have researched extensively on each episode and it s contents, some of which remain a mystery till today.Some are extremely controversial and some are just mind boggling. Some secrets are deliberately left unexplained because I do not have the necessary clearance to publish such stuff open to the public.

I have had a preliminary chat with Gingerchai about publishing this story, and if they like it,and it meets their standards of quality, you will get to see the first episode published will republish these episodes after a week or 10 days after that.

So when is it coming? Watch this space.....


“Stop staring at me!  Stupid cab, didn’t see the puddle. Now please, eat baby, don’t fuss,” said June pushing the tray. Just then Consta...