April 21, 2011


As the cheerful rain drops,
the malaise carriage rocks,
lifless wires and listless trees ,
rush by, ignoring the breeze.

The sea of people rocking rythmically,
blithe spirits float deliriously,
clasped arms and hooked fingers,
cold familiarty meets warm strangers.

A heaving heart, teases her shoulders,
flying locks caress like feathers,
the teasing nape, steals a gaze,
mind is clear ,yet the heart in haze.

The first brush,the hot flush,
the restraining pressure crush,
bodies attract and distract at every jerk,
at diverse destinies and common forks.

Her scents enslave,capture senses
the hands quiver , fist clenches,
the nervous smile,corner of the eye,
similar sight, and the nomadic rye.

As the end nears,one touch yearns,
last station at the life junction, turns,
one isolated minute begs the mind,
time ticks yet eyes go blind,
some lost moments and some love left behind...

Gyanban Thoughts - These lines are about Crushes.The title is especially interesting because it has multiple applications within the verses - it exists in the mind,in the body, and even the metaphysical layer.It is contradticting , it is reassuring, it is reaffirming, it is revoking, it is challenging, it is simply following.

It's about two strangers,who meet in a local train,how intense can emotions flow even in the most improbable situations and scenarios.Those frozen moments in time are inexplicable,and leave a lasting memory.They become a part of our nostalgia vocabulary.

Since our realities are always different, some people always travel back into the past and relive those journey's, travel in time again and again..each journey leaves it's indeliible footprint as we keep walking in life....

image courtesy : desktopnexus.com


  1. passing by after a long time...and nothing has changed has it, the words still weave magic...flow like a river.

    PS: Though i loved the play of words but could not understand the reference to context until i read the Gyanban thoughts and then i was thinking maybe i should have read the thoughts first????

  2. @sudeshna -:-))

    @Dagny - thanks for dropping by and appreciating.

    I am not surprised,it is usually the case with my writing.! I have no clue what I am writing about...and thats the fun! In our "agenda" and "objective" filled lives...there needs to be abstract somewhere dont you think ?

  3. Wonderful :) You have depicted the emotions beautifully.


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