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Friend in time

Walking on the footprints of time
Crossing memories chime
Of aimless lanes and clueless dreams
Running on empty grounds and wild swings,
Touching the skies and kissing the winds.

Of faded jeans and school canteens
Whispering tears and sweet nothings,
Morning lines and pastimes
Of first crushes and maturity brushes

Of the years gone by and the grey’s are nigh
Of the lows of life and the occasional high
Of meeting new and missing the old
Of connecting the dots and filling the blanks

Only the friend knows why you smile
Or when you cried
When the world lived and your tears dried
Only the friend knows you tried.

Walking in the rain or sunshine
I remain your friend in time....

Gyanban thoughts : This one for old times sake, one for the friends, one for the reunions.