July 19, 2016


The butterfly gave her colors away,
And the bee forsake their sting 
the breeze lifted the dunes,
and the lyrics set out to find their tunes.

Roses drained their colors,
And rainbows went around the world 
The thorns blended into the stems so much
For that last glance and that final touch.

The gypsies wandered the places unfound,
And the nomads prayed in their deserts,
For her to turn back, that magical sway
The Souks gave their gold away.

Yet she hid quietly in her play,
Not to be found and brought to the ground,
And those endless fields of nameless lives,
Lay there silently watching her tomb survive.

Gyanban Thoughts:  Few lines dedicated to the victims of the recent terror attacks in France.God bless their families. We grieve with them.

July 10, 2016


Are you going to the memory lane?

Lost corners and aimless signs

Remember who you left behind

and what you carried along?

That lonely coffee table

and rains trickling through the doors,

The yearning fireplace

and those waiting pages.

Those flowing white seamless shirts 

and oh those careless buttons,

Swinging hair and quivering lips

Unread feelings wrote new memories.

Between shores and the sea

Pebbles  lost in time

Roll back their untold stories,

And sands sing to the winds.

Those unending stairs inching to your heart,

Drawn curtains swaying for a touch

Sheets wrapping your fears

and pillows that wiped your tears.

That dawn of hope 

and the pain of a waiting dusk

Remember who you left behind

and what you carried along?

Gyanban Thoughts : The more we move forward the more we leave behind, only to sit back and cherish some day, one day.


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