October 9, 2017

City Lights

City lights, the only friends waiting for me,
to return, to show me the way,
My eyes  blur, in the spur,
Walking into the lights,
Raindrops sprinkle on the streets,
Just like my dreams,
and wash away your footsteps,
into the realms,

City lights, light up my life,
The look in your eyes,
comfort  the brutal scars,
a whisper that stays
a hope that floats,
The darkness that follows,
and pain swallows me inside.

and when I look back Citylights,
will you stay behind, watch me go,
or keep walking with me, all my life,
show me the way to the other side...
City lights, the only memories I have...

Gyanban thoughts : as raindrops fall on the streets, we walk by those city lights , each one with a story to tell, each one with a memory to sell... just a few abstract lines that came to my mind looking at the rains outside my window...

January 27, 2017

That Last Page

Its lives with us in those endless scribbles,
restless classes and aimless doodles,
those heart signs and juvenile designs,
those love quotes and lines,
Such a memory hook,
That last page of the notebook.

Some dark lines and scratches,
the only witness to the bad patches,
that smudged thumb with overflowing ink,
when we are at the brink,
A writing desk and that forlorn look,
That last page of the notebook.

Birds, bees, stars and the skies,
the lonely lows and the heady highs,
at night or at the dawn break,
hearts lost and feelings break
that crossed name as the fingers shook,
That last page of the notebook.

Love lines turned into numbers,
Teachers, doctors and lawyers.
Salary dates and groceries
No thank you no sorry's.
Absent maids and the missing cook,
That last page of the notebook.

Pencils gave way to keyboards,
Diaries lost out to touchpads,
And time ran away with money,
replaced with a lot jokes that weren't funny.
That piece of me it took
That last page of the notebook.

Gyanban Thoughts : How simple little things go away and we wonder where they are and why we let them be...


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