September 10, 2006

Looking glass

I look through the looking glass,
the world I see is a farce,
filled with hate and corruption,
giving into unreal devotion,

a farce where hypocrisy prevails,
and true identity is under veils,
Vexed are those who dare,
lie in a dark corner bare,

Bare your soul to none,
with no where to run,
you 'll cry alas alas,
and just wish there was no looking glass...

Gyanban's thoughts -

an imaginary world,duality is the order of the day, it's everywhere..within and is ingrained in our system
how are we going to find our soul guide?

September 3, 2006

Forbidden dreams

Dream away to glory
vegetarians feast on chicken curry,
affairs last forever,
marriages break every quarter,
colleges are always on strike,
and canteens are forums to write,
where people never get a pay hike,
The forbidden dream is such,
you won't understand much,
you can't feel it,can't dream it but live it instead,
as you wake up realizing you re already dead.

Gyanban's thoughts -

a small poem if you will, some lines really to highlight the ironies of life with a dash of humour,
I think when I wrote this,some of these things were happening in my surrounding...
and in some sense they're still happening...


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