October 28, 2006

Scrambled Egg

Want this ,
Want That,
But get not what I want,
Sometimes, It’s tit-for-tat,
Or simply brick-bats,

Crib on this
Fuss on that,
I eat more and get fat,
I never “have” but always “had” !
Good sometimes, But mostly bad.

Jealous of this ,
Envious of that,
He has this, he had that,
Keep consoling I was better,
But still come out a cropper.

Life is like a piece of cake,
Only too many things at stake,
Or too many mouths for the only steak,
God ! please give me a break !

Somebody give me the answers I beg,
Coz all I’m trying to do,
Is unscramble my scrambled egg.!

You Can’t unscramble your scrambled Egg !

Gyanban's thoughts -

I thought about this at the breakfast table one day,when my scrambled egg wasn't done well,I tried to fix it at first,
put some butter,added some pepper,still no good,toasted some bread,still not enough perfection,garnished it with
some coriander,I thought maybe the look and smell would make it different.

It occurred to me..this is exactly what happens in real life.We try to over work the solution...but - hey there isn't one sometimes.If you have screwed it up..you can't unscrew it.what is done cannot be undone.We chase perfection all out lives , yet many don't die happy....similarly, some of our actions and deeds once done, cannot be undone no matter what the measure.
Therefore,peace of mind will be in acceptance,then realization,and then making sure
you have learn't something from it. History will therefore never repeat it self.

Enjoy the bite !

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  1. great conclusions about life...hits you at strange times...very spiritual moment!

  2. Quite right - you never know how your scramble turns out to be...

  3. You have co related life and scrambled egg very nicely. Some things cannot be undone, especially words which so spontaneously come out of our mouths.

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