December 12, 2009

What a Mind

What a mind is this ?
is ignorance really bliss?
something is amiss,
most thoughts I dismiss,

What a mind is that ?
sometimes crooked sometimes flat?
wants to be thin but is fat,
oh what a brat ,

Where is your mind ?
going forward and then rewind?
stay focused or spread your wings,
life s like that...and a few other things..!


  1. good one..the doings of the mind is an unfathomable tale...

  2. @ Roshmi...this is not really a poem...just felt like scribbling a few lines...

    @ Chitz mind does things which sometimes defies logic...thanks for dropping by..

  3. Yes. But the words... have a poetic feel about them.

  4. @ Sure, thanks Roshmi. :-)

  5. Wot a mind,
    How divine...
    I think and I crave,
    I play foul and then behave,
    my aim is wot i truly search for,
    Am I really born for a purpose or.....

    Damn...wot a mind... :-)

  6. @Anand

    damn wot a mind
    have to go through the grind,
    have come too far to look behind,
    this is by design,
    keep going is the sign...

  7. Thanks for dropping by Chetan.


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