March 25, 2007


The word is balance - no not too much,or too less- just this space,
elders should -youngsters could,they might not but they would,

in this race to perfection,of rejection dejection,of any section,
this in your face objection,deception or resurrection,dont mention,

where right may be wrong,battle without a fight,set right,
you are the judge in this fudge,nobody to claim or blame,

the name game -the order and disorder ,take a stance,a chance,
to keep a balance,if you will , look "in" the eye,see a trace,

of peace in base,and the entire human race.

Gyanban's thoughts - I think we as a humanity are trying hard to excel,which is good, but in doing so,we are going
to the edge of extreme.Yet everything and sane tells us to have a balance? Isn't it ironic? Why do we need to have a balance when our sole goal is to achieve more and more ? These few lines are an ode to balance...or the lack of it in our lives today.


“Stop staring at me!  Stupid cab, didn’t see the puddle. Now please, eat baby, don’t fuss,” said June pushing the tray. Just then Consta...