March 25, 2007


The word is balance - no not too much,or too less- just this space,
elders should -youngsters could,they might not but they would,

in this race to perfection,of rejection dejection,of any section,
this in your face objection,deception or resurrection,dont mention,

where right may be wrong,battle without a fight,set right,
you are the judge in this fudge,nobody to claim or blame,

the name game -the order and disorder ,take a stance,a chance,
to keep a balance,if you will , look "in" the eye,see a trace,

of peace in base,and the entire human race.

Gyanban's thoughts - I think we as a humanity are trying hard to excel,which is good, but in doing so,we are going
to the edge of extreme.Yet everything and sane tells us to have a balance? Isn't it ironic? Why do we need to have a balance when our sole goal is to achieve more and more ? These few lines are an ode to balance...or the lack of it in our lives today.

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