December 7, 2006

What if ? or What ?

What if –

What if man was happy?
Can he take happiness?
What if man was successful?
Would success go to his head?

What if all women ruled?
Could they rule out their hearts ?
What if you let the child grow?
Would the child outgrow innocence?

What if there was no big war?
Would the ego wars within end?
What if the world was a happy place to live in?
Would it remove our internal sorrows?

What if we had no pollution?
Are our hearts anti –pollutant?
What if life came to an end?
Is this life worth living?

What if we all try to change a bit?
Will bit by bit change the world?

So What –

So what If I can’t rise?
At least I can ask for one!

So what if I am a single Casanova?
At least I am not a married vagabond!

So what if I am married?
At least I have kept only two!

So what if I am divorced?
At least I was not the only one infidel!

So what if I lie?
At least I am not twisting the truth!

So what if something happens to me?
At least I am better off dead..than living!

So what if life stinks!
At least I have a Deo!

So what if I will suffer one day?
At least I am living it for today.!


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