April 7, 2007

Sunrise at 7.17am

It was amazing to see
those tiny lips tickle with glee
just a day of bonding,
seemed like a lifetime passed just watching,
I reach out to my sunshine at last,
my heart never beat so fast.

My little sunshine ,was ahead of her time,
opened her eyes at 7.17AM,
simply angelic this beautiful dame,
lost and confused at the sight,
out of darkness into light,
a new plight with a new a sight,
racing heartbeats to keep up the fight,

Little fingers and a tiny chin,
those little eyes viewing the din,
hearing the blips and clicks choir,
her body wrapped in a maze of wires,
free her,she wants to go,
but fate had other things to show,

but she had to fight,
with her little might,
she came out victorious from the OT,
as i wondered life's cruelty,

If this is a sign ,by design or by chance,
I plead Thee,leave alone my sundance,
My heart is content,
Let my sunshine never see the sunset
leave her ,to live her life happily ever after,
Please take my life in barter !

Gyanban thoughts -

a few lines dedicated to special children,who come into this world specially to show us ,how lucky we are ,that we have everything,so that we value them,and take care of them.They show us how to fight and not give up no matter how difficult our lives are.They instill a new confidence in life itself.


  1. Good.

    The theme was Handled quite well.

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