July 26, 2007

Poker Face

A Look in the eye,
and it tells me why,
what goes in your mind,
surprised at what I find,

it s a poker face,
no style no grace,
look in the eye and say it all,
mean it fully or not at all,

Where s the passion ?
The desire to go higher,
The chase without distraction,
Raising the bar a fraction,

One love ,One Life , One goal,
if you want it, just roll,
lay the fate on the table,
let your hands gamble,

if you win,
you lucky stars will spin,
if you lose,
misery will choose,
but let there be no trace,
of the poker face....

Gyanban thoughts - well in the gamble of life,it is important to keep a straight face, so that no one makes out your true situation.

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