July 26, 2007

Why do we do ?

Why do we do?
Why do we do?
The things we do,
the things we do! We fight for love, and hate to lose,
Want to talk,
but get into a deadlock,

We fight with morality,
yet get deep into sexuality,
We abuse the body,
and then blame the mind?

We diet to lose weight,
and then crave to eat,
yield to temptation i say,
at least your life will not be gray

We say things which sound nice,
which actually has a huge underlying vice,
honesty is a weakness, and cruelty a strength,
emotions spell trouble, and hypocrisies success.

No one to be friend with,it's just an illusion,
To trust someone, has to be sheer delusion,
where has the naivety gone ?
has the subtlety been undone?

It s just not about de-risking folks,
learn to fly,
I know you think this is a joke,
but one day your sarcasm bucket will dry,

Find out what you love ,
Love whatever you find,
make the most of what you ve got,
get the most of whatever you have,

Why do we do ?
we do because we want to,
choice is an option given,
and success is a goal which needs to be driven.

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