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In our everyday lives we come across so many people who are in a position of power and some in a position of dependency.How much of it is a function of design vs chance? Can you really design your destiny?Can you design your luck? Or is there no such thing as design - we are all a part of a plan? And like two sides of a coin some plans are good and some bad.The folks who get the wrong side of the coin can never really over come or rather come over to the other side.Yes we have heard stories about rags to riches.But I think they were a part of the good plan anyway...or may be a delayed good plan. What can we do to make this transition from a bad plan to a good plan? I also think that those in a position of power tend to make sure the difference remains knowingly or unknowingly.You can only appreciate black when you ve seen white...right? The interesting thing is or the one common factor in all this is unhappiness.The folks on the wrong side of the plan,lets call them Helpmees, and the…