May 28, 2009


In our everyday lives we come across so many people who are in a position of power and some in a position of dependency.How much of it is a function of design vs chance? Can you really design your destiny?Can you design your luck? Or is there no such thing as design - we are all a part of a plan? And like two sides of a coin some plans are good and some bad.The folks who get the wrong side of the coin can never really over come or rather come over to the other side.Yes we have heard stories about rags to riches.But I think they were a part of the good plan anyway...or may be a delayed good plan. What can we do to make this transition from a bad plan to a good plan? I also think that those in a position of power tend to make sure the difference remains knowingly or unknowingly.You can only appreciate black when you ve seen white...right? The interesting thing is or the one common factor in all this is unhappiness.The folks on the wrong side of the plan,lets call them Helpmees, and the right side one's as Iams.So the helpmees and Iams at some point or the other are unhappy, albeit about diferent things, but they are unhappy - and they acknowldege it. Albeit the Iams put up a better facade of money to show they are "finer" but deep inside they know it.No i am not trying to be vindictive here.Show me one Iams who says he s totally happy.Might find a lot who say we are relatively happy.Whereas in the helpmees,mostly people will say we find happiness within the unhappiness. I sometimes wonder where is this all leading up to ? Where are we all going? We largely lead a very transactional life,if you know what i mean - a very cause and effect.not to say that it is wrong.It s just that sometimes it feels so trifle. Seems so little in the larger scheme of things.The only trouble is - the larger scheme of things nevery really take care of the tactical aspects of life.So there are less followers or believers.Iams would evern go to the extent of saying losers are looking for the bog picture because they cant run the rat race.They cant compete. Well then the trick is not to figure it out.not to figure out how life works.Read it like you are reading the index page of a big need to decipher the chapters in detail.the outcome of such an analysis can only lead to more confusion.Soemtimes it is good to put the blinkers on.Run.

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