August 6, 2009

Just right...

and I am not talking about clothes.
expensive linens or robes,
it's about the right fit you know,
a good fit will always show.

need a right fit for the home,
not a palace ,just a big dome,
Italian marble and granite,
a little to the left and a little to the right,
not too dark nor to bright,
just the perfect light,

need a right fit for the job,
somewhere that gives promotions,
regular commissions,generous appreciations,
but not too easy that everybody gets it,
not too minor that you won't value it,

need a right fit for the spouse,
o we accept everything without a grouse,
just make sure of the following,
we get this without asking,
not too fat ,not too thin,
a sharp nose and a cute chin,
intelligent enough to present to the society,
dumb enough not to resent the propriety,
smart to increase the savings quotient,
within the parameters of being intellectually innocent

need a right fit for the soul,
flexible but still have a goal,
flirt with the devil,sleep with the saint,
get carried-away with self-restraint,
cheat and be cheated,
it all evens out -that's decided.
Revenge and anger fill your heart,
love and passion a work of art,

what if He needed a right fit?
sanitize the devils gift,
repackage it as God's will,
expensive, but no frill,
would you buy it still ?

1 comment:

  1. landed on your blog via neha's. Loved this.

    It's always about these impossible combinations. No wonder it's always so difficult to get the right fit :)


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