August 7, 2009

Dream Chronicles 5

Well it's a rainy evening and i have just arrived from somewhere..this airport has a huge glass ceiling, and I can see the rain pouring on the roof and the ac is pretty cold inside.The place is brightly lit and serves as a contrast to the dark outside. I am rushing down the I know I have another long flight in a few hours time.

I check with the staff at eh counter and they suggest staying over rather than going out of the terminal and trying to get back in... I am visualizing the about the journey ahead...and realize it is going to be a long flight.So I decide to stay put in the airport..when I look around it looks like a circular terminal building more like a glass dome with a metal framework.

Next scene I recall is seeing snow on the roads,especially seeing the crystal edges of snow along the dark tar of the road....I am driving by and see some row houses rooftops covered with snow....

Cut to reality...I am not traveling to anywhere recently...and the closest to snow I recall is seeing a TV program on alaska on Discovery channel...besides if did have to travel then at best it could be to a tropical destination.

so then, it baffles me again as to why do I dream such specifics ? and about situations which I neither have in the past nor see any probability of being there in the near future...

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