August 17, 2009

Just Frust.

Greg got his promotions,
Robin got his phone,
John got his donations,
and Jill got new home.

Sammy got to travel,
Sandy got relocated,
Rene's pierced her navel,
and Kevin got bloated.

Fiona got suddenly pregnant,
Ronci needs to show her figure off,
Murray says he is innocent,
Nika's shows belly buttons and a top off,

Vincent's New found love new found car,
Steve's the new superstar,
John's on with tequila swigs at the bar.
Annie's got a new scar,

Bambi's tattoo got no high,
Harry's sticking to his role,
Bally has found a new wife,
Rey's got a new mole.

Heavy's headed to the corporate,
Sammy's got a new team
Shelly is now desperate,
Danny is still living in a dream.

Lindsey the great nonchalant,
Honey boy is not repentant,
Rio's got a new job,
Hassy 's boss is a snob.

Baby stuck in this mad rush,
Baby thinks what's the fuss?
Baby has no where to go,
Baby has to watch the show...


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