October 10, 2009

The Waiting Train

I see them walk past every day,

they look through me anyway,

sometimes the occasional glance,

should I take a chance?

I am always the friend, never the girl,

Someone to depend on but not twirl.

Why do I have no chemistry?

It’s such a mystery.

I craved the loving touch.

Was I asking too much?

Or maybe a love letter,

To set my heart aflutter.

I grew anxious; no one had anything to say.

Waiting for those thrilling moments and sway.

Moons waxed and waned

I’ve no words to explain.

Now I go to work with a louse on the lurk,

Stalk, stare or glare on the streets at work.

I have to take a long ride

with only solitude by my side.

I hear their cheap jokes and silently weep,

sometimes they leer, and sometimes peep.

There were days when the unexpected touch,

I used to get nervous, but now, not so much.

Sitting at a table for four,

my colleagues took a detour.

And the boss dodges any conversation,

Lest I ask for an intervention.

It’s been on for a while now,

I sit behind the pillar or the last row.

Nestled quietly in my cubicle of security,

not arousing any suspicion or curiosity.

As I stare into the small mirror,

just enough to reveal my body error

yet not big enough to show my soul

sum or parts are not the whole.

But I think the smirking salesman was right.

The stitches are tight,

designers don’t design clothes my type,

Why would they, it doesn’t create any hype.

The family sarcasm party at night,

It keeps hurting till daylight.

I am the subject of many puns;

don’t be silly; it’s just for fun.

The workday is over, and I pack up

Lock my emotions and shut up,

Walk back alone with a simple drape

And each day, braving a mental rape.

But I will go back to work tomorrow,

that lone girl in the same waiting train,

I am not giving up today, yet again.

Gyanban thoughts - Obesity is a complex health condition affecting millions of people worldwide. However, despite being a medical issue, it is often stigmatized and discriminated against in many societies. In India, the situation is no different, with overweight individuals often facing insensitive comments, discrimination, and even harassment. Obese women, in particular, have to bear the brunt of this insensitivity, which takes a toll on their mental and physical health. So if you know someone suffering, please be more sensitive and respectful. Encourage them, and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.


  1. That was an amazing poem! I could feel the pain and sadness. Great work! :)

  2. wow! it was such a nice poem. great work. :)

  3. i thought such pain could best be expressed in blank verse. But this surely makes me rethink. Nice one!

  4. great.. wonderful poem.. loved it .. palpable emotions.. very touching

  5. Wonderful write-up!

    I truly can relate to many of the things, mainly those mentioned in the earlier paragraphs - in spite of the fact that I'm (trapped in the body of) a guy.

    Keep writing. You write well!

  6. Beautiful! I am reading your blogs..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Here's a ginormous bouquet! Quite a poem, full of surprise ... simple & evokes empathy. Nice ride!

  9. this was a simple yet poignant verse, truly capturing the pains of an obese girl.. loved it every inch :-)

    i liked the way the poem nicely flows through out without a hitch :-) good job.. keep up the good work..

  10. @sacredwestwind - thank you for the ginormous bouquet.!much appreciated.

    @Debosmita - thanks and am glad you liked it.!

  11. simply wonderful. You have penned down the feelings so well.

  12. This piece is so beautifully crafted . The rhyme, the message, the flow and how the person is undergoing pain in different places of their life , so accurate !! Some lines hit so hard - Small mirror that shows body of errors but not big enuf to show my soul & last 5 paragraphs are simply brilliant!!!!!


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