December 1, 2009

Carpe Diem

If Albert Einstein just thought about the theory and never wrote it down,or never tried or tested or spoke about it...he would be a nobody today.take a pause and think about it.

Somebody else would have done that discovery or invention and history books would have been written differently.We all have these fleeting thoughts cross our minds every now and then, but we ignore them.We dismiss them off casually.We think they re not important till we see someone else take a similar thought and score big time.There s no point claiming later by then there would be 300 "me-too's" already ahead of you and the world would obviously not care two hoots.

Early days of internet we had a plethora of search engines, Altavista,Metacrawler,dogpile,Lycos,Goto etc etc. Being extremely kicked about this new thing called internet,I went into an overdrive to search information and was fascinated every time I queried and got thousands of results. More information meant more hyperlinks on the home much so that the whole page looked like an absolute mess, cluttered with hundreds of links and advertisements galore.

It is then I thought wouldn't it be nice to have one clean page without all this clutter? Maybe an interactive person, like a receptionist, where you can ask a question and get lots of answers.It would be cool to just have the search bar and nothing else.But I shrugged it off.

Almost a year and half later,I typed

It is then I realized never to give up on your instincts.Back yourself.Believe in yourself,it is wise not over-estimate,but certainly foolish to under-estimate yourself.The world will always provide enough reasons to forget and shrug it off,but you have to persist and win. If you don't seize that will become someone's moment...and later your lament.


Say it only if you mean it -

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