November 23, 2009

Page 3 Bites.

Candle light vigils,we the people debates
be it religion or politics of the states,
rocking parties are a heady mixture,
add to that a dash of "parda-faash" culture,
breaking news television,
shake it with some wardrobe malfunction
some drunken party brawls
or window shopping in the malls,
they re everywhere, from twitter to emails,
cheers to our Page 3 cocky-tails.

Some look Serious,some delirious,
sometimes whacky and
sometimes downright tacky,
in your face or plain disgrace,
our P3 are all over the place.

Blowing kisses in the air,
wearing a dress-rare,
they flip flop around,
make an annoying sound,
or give an expert comment instead,
understanding of which is limited,

the rape of a nation,
best discussed over a cocktail concoction,
snacks served on terrorism bites,
end the evening with a DJ night.

Bitch about the local nymphet,
or simply blow their own trumpet.
if nothing else catch a reporter,
go to the bar to discuss manslaughter,
or just buy him a drink
get the damn photograph clicked.

Self invite or gate crash,
depends on how much cash,
stuff you show
let other people know.

Mahesh Bhatt always has a story to tell,
Padamsee's eyebrows swell,
Shobhaa turns 20 on every beach
Suhel sticks on like a leech.

Oh my Simi's plight,
Dah-ling can only dress in white,
Malaya's flashy gold ear- rings,
the in-thing are his F1 flings,
back home Bidappa just swings,
trying to get into the bull ring.

oh there are so many more
i am sure,
somebody please tell them,
intellectual innocence is tolerated seldom,
please stop commenting,
spare us the lamenting,
content matters,and you only know packaging,
so please let the real experts do the talking.


  1. Drinks, parties and connected commotions and emotions....after reading this I felt I am two down.

  2. Thanks guys - sometimes I get really frustrated to see how these P3 guys speak on tv so confidently on a subject they have no connection with !


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