February 28, 2010

Vontha Bad putthy cath....

Once there was a big bad black puthy cat.

With big round eyes,a cute red nose and sharp claws. He looked real menacing with his big whiskers and sharp teeth.The other puthy cats in the alley feared him quite lot. He was stronger and bigger than them. Nobody ever fought or got into an argument with him.He got what he wanted when he wanted...except for one tiny little thing,which bothered him no end.

You see the big bad puthy cat lived behind a big house which had lush gardens and eucalyptus trees. A hedge which was evenly trimmed every week. And at the back of the house there was the tallest of all the eucalyptus trees...which was also the house for a little Tweety bird.

Now Tweety bird was the tweetiest bird in the neighborhood.!

Tweety bird, was really beautiful, with big eye lashes and a shiny beak,blessed with a melodious voice , she could enchant anyone she spoke and get Him to do whatever she wanted.

As if all this was not enough, she was smart too. In the years that she spent on the tree top, she always managed to outwit the puthy cat. But in her heart she knew, that someday puthy cat would eat her up.

As the moon waxed and waned, puthy cat got increasingly depressed. He was on the verge of a breakdown. He was crying and wailing, and banging his fists on the ground. He just couldn’t catch the Tweety bird ! Every single time she outsmarted him. Why couldn’t he be smarter?

In sadness and desperation big bad puthy cat cried out loud -
'Oh Lord why is my destiny to be on the losing side always?
'Why Me?' All I am trying to make sure is to have a good life?' Isn't that what you wants us to do ?'
'Why have you chosen me to suffer like this? ' big black puthy cat was really sad .

Just then he heard a voice.
‘Look up puthy cat I am here to help’. Lord Feline said.
‘huh- what was that? Who speaks? Oh My God I am hearing voices , I must be going nuts’ puthy cat said to himself.
‘I am Lord Feline – The God of all animals in the world’ Lord said in a commanding voice.

puthy cat’s fur stood up. He was shivering. This couldn't be possible. Not that he was an atheist, but he never thought he would ever get to speak to the Lord himself.!

uhhh ummm brrr... puthy cat shook himself up.
‘it’s ok don’t worry I am here to help. You seemed to be worried and were calling me so-tell me what do you want and I will make it happen’. Lord Feline said.

Big bad puthy cat couldn’t believe his ears.
It took some time for him to digest this.But he mustered up some courage and said...
‘well you see Lord Feline, I am trying to catch this tweety bird who sits on top of that tree – but every time I try... I fail. She is just too smart. So please make me smart.’

Lord Feline thought for moment and said.”Yes puthy cat I can make you smart. But you must be sure of what you want ‘

‘Sure? You must be kidding me... –uh –oh am sorry ....I mean yes of course am sure, who doesn’t want to be smart.?’ puthy cat said excitedly.
‘Ok then here goes – close your eyes .When you open your eyes in exactly 30 seconds you will be smart.’ Lord Feline said and disappeared.

An electric shock went through his body, he was buzzing, his fur stood up like pins. And then puthy cat opened his eyes after 30 seconds approximately.Something had changed. He was feeling relaxed . An air confidence around him. He was feeling confident just like before.

He showed off...and how.The next few days he spent flaunting his new found intelligence in the neighborhood. More and more cats were in awe of him, he had now reached an exalted cult status.Catline group awarded him with a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the cat society. Though the hushed voices still echoed...he couldn't catch Tweety bird.

Armed with his new found intellect - one day he decided to hatch the perfect plan to trap tweety bird. The plan was well thought through, with state of the art equipments. Gadgets and gizmo's were plenty, and it seemed a fool proof plan. If he could get this plan to work - then once and for all his life would be in peace.More so now, because getting to Tweety was an ego issue rather than a food issue. Too many cats around him did help the cause either.They kept reminding him every now and then making an oblique reference to his one last challenge.

The plan worked. Tweety bird got entangled in his contraption and came crashing down from the tree.
An evil grin made his dark face look even more wicked. Menacing eyes and shiny claws were ready for action.The full moon shined on Tweety startled eyes.
‘ha ha you little menace I ve finally caught you. My sandwich is all but ready..Just a little garnishing will make it perfect.
Can you help me little Tweety bird?’ said big bad puthy cat sarcastically ,as he slowly walked towards the contraption.

Before he could realize what happened next, his life flashed in front of him...in slow motion...all the chases,hits and misses,the crashes and the thrashes......Then suddenly puthy cat got hit on the jaw.
Thud. And then whack. Slam and thud again.
Big bad puthy cat was lying on the ground shocked.
Tweety bird walked close to him and said in her enchanting voice – “Thank you Lord Feline for granting my wish and making me strong” !!

"Once a bad puthy cath.....always a bad puthy cath" said Tweety bird and fluttered out.

Gyanban Thoughts - dont we have a little Tweety bird in all of us ? wanting to bash up the big bad system? though this one is for the kiddos, but it has a deep message for us as well.Be ware what you ask for - you just might get it - and then what? While Lord answers your wish - He would ,by the same logic, have to answer someone else's wish as well right? What is the impact of your wish on someone else's life? We often forget that don't we ? We are blinded by our excitement and success that we stop being watchful,careful or sensitive to those around us.It's only later,we realize how cyclical our lives are.What goes around....comes around.!
image courtesy : desktop nexus.com


  1. What goes around comes around... Well said...

  2. That was a good lesson learnt. Read the poem, it's a long one, if u haven't read it till now... the frog n the nightingale (Think the poet is Vikram Seth)... Simple Fable but like ur children't tale goes real deep:)

    cya Gyan

  3. This was cho tweet! I loved it!!! Oh, message was well said too.

  4. Wonderful message through a lovely tale :D
    Loved the picture and cute way you've described the cat and the tweety bird :)

    Keep writing!!

  5. Outstanding.....Absolutely loved it Gyanban!!! :)

  6. hey that was too good.... this was a perfectly cooked egg...:D

  7. its like the one which evokes an impish grin on your face!

  8. That was too good GyanBan :) Nicely narrated! and a beautiful message with it. Reminded me of the days when I used to watch Tweety :D

  9. lol...cute this was. i had a cartoon running in my head :D

  10. So true..This is exactly why we should look at ourselves and concentrate on our lives and not on others...Lovely message and a lovely tale..Njoyed reading it! :)

  11. thanks Ashley.. you are most kind.

  12. he he I can imagine. thanks Nikita.

  13. Yes My Lord. Thanks for gracing.

  14. Looks like you connected somewhere...thanks -

  15. Thanks Chatterbox. Yes quite a classic picture - exactly conveying the emotion.

  16. Yes read it - beautiful. thanks .

  17. Yes thank you Avada , It reminded me of all those Tom and Jerry episodes and I thought are we ll chasing behind a Tom or jerry in our lives ? Isn't there a Tweety somewhere out to prove her point ?

  18. I thoth I thaw a pudhy thath....thanks for the link!


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