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March 15, 2010

C'est la vie

Milestones run and thoughts fly,
the swaying trees seem to cry,
stars walk, in an empty sky,
moments frozen, just go on by,

faces blur, as memories fade,
tresses flow ,as the winds trade,
my soul travels, and it chides,
mirror flogs, the rugged hide,
on a bed of nails, my body lies,
the mirror smiles, reflecting lies,

this is where, you had to go,
nothing to hide,and nothing to show,
burning on fire, very slow,
splinters flare, and the tears glow,

mind numbs, the feeling so,
deserts flood and water flows,
Forest rains and a chilling bite,
breezy skies and a drifting kite,
my life flows ,
into the unknown light...

Gyanban thoughts - while listening to Enya's Trains and Winter Rains...I wrote just a few lines about how our lives pass us by without really thinking why? The lines depict a varied range of emotions and desires,the introspection and realizations we go through over time.Sometimes I think our transactional lives have no meaning at all.There is a bigger truth somewhere yet unexplored...

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  1. WOw...'nothing to hide and nothing to show!' how many times have I said this to myself! And you've expressed the same feelings through the most brilliant words..I could never have expressed myself thru verse as well as you have! I just loved it....
    Truly there is a bigger truth to the purpose of our lives, there, somewhere, unexplored!!

  2. Excellent portrayal of countless emotions that flow with life :)
    Wonderful poetry Gyan.

    Keep up the good work :)

  3. Thanks Chatterbox.! i will try my best to keep up .!

  4. I am glad you could connect at some point.! thanks for visiting.

  5. Vibhuti - as always you are very generous.! Being an accomplished writer yourself, it gives me encouragement to hear positive comments from you.

    Yes,life has a bigger purpose,than our everyday transactional lives.

  6. Great number (Enya) and even better the introspection inspired by it..."the mirror smiles, reflecting lies" profound...this is Gyanban style Putthy Cat and C'est la vie creations of the same mind...keep it coming! :)

  7. Contrasting philosophies.. connect somewhere don't they ? :-)
    Thanks Dagny - I really liked your "I know when it rains..."

  8. Life is "beautifully difficult" at times.If we can overcome the difficulties only the "beauty" remains. Very well written Mr Gyan Ban. I truly enjoy reading ur writings,they touch somewhere deep inside and make u think :-)

  9. Deep poem...search...search till you forget what you search for!!!...life IS crazy

  10. Nice thoughts. I don't know if I am right,but somehow I feel that the rhyme scheme does not reflect the actual depth of your thoughts.

  11. Thank you Mr.Pramathesh .

  12. Well said. I am glad you connected.

  13. That was nice GyanBan. Even though I usually dont read/like poetry, this one was good :)

  14. Well thats nice of you. am glad you liked it.!

  15. Faces blur as memories fade..superb!! simply love those lines...
    Nice post, will come bk for more :)

  16. Faces blur as memories fade, simply love this line! Great post!

  17. Life is a Mirage! You think you got a hold only to find that it is fleeting away!. Good Read.

  18. Couldn't agree more saraswathan - am glad you liked it.

  19. Thanks Viyoma - am glad you liked it.

  20. Soulful post. Quite a 'feature rich' look of the blog. Very attractive. Carry on GB.

  21. I am happy that we still connect :-)

  22. What a pleasant surprise - welcome ROFLI on Scrambled Egg - really admire your blog - truly. Am glad you liked the post.

  23. Wonderful expression! And it's so very true... I read somewhere that, normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them!! Not right but happens all the time! :(

  24. Interesting poetry... i loved it!!!

  25. This is why I started following u... :-) nice...

  26. Well thank you 7ate9. I am glad you liked it.

  27. Running through life without any care, you do miss the sweetest of things.

  28. Welcome to Scrambled Egg Hemanth !

  29. Hi there! nice stuff..passing the world go by sometimes has its own charm though :)

    Keep up the good writing.

    N if possible, pls pay me a visit at http://www.assorted-platter.blogspot.com
    n drop in ur opinion.

    I write poems too u see :)

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