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Milestones - 6

Milestone - 7

Don Dasgupta was a well travelled man, best of places, best of hotels, best of airplanes, but this journey on foot surpassed all his previous endeavors.

It was to be his atonement.

He walked slowly, stopping occasionally; the weight of the bag pack was becoming heavier. His legs were cramping up a bit.He couldn’t take the weight any longer and twisted his ankle while crossing an ugly pothole in an otherwise flawless road.

The pain was unbearable. As he sat by the road side, unable to move ahead he broke down physically.

Mentally he had broken down much before.

‘why me?’ Why? – what have I done to deserve this?’

'Yes I am not perfect. But then who is? Are You ?' he said looking skywards.

‘If you only wanted peace and happiness on this earth why did you create evil in the first place?’

‘if you wanted love why create hate?’

‘why offer a choice of good and bad…and why not good and better?’

‘why even get into a comparison?’

And then when You did create all this comparison why punish the ones who make the other choice?

‘Why is it called a wrong choice in the first place?’

‘isnt someone’s truth always going to be someone’s lie ?’

‘what then is the ultimate truth ? the undeniable the uncontestable truth?’

‘what do we follow?’ Who do we follow and why do we follow?’

‘Or maybe you couldn’t do anything about evil.’

Maybe You are not all that powerful after all ?

Maybe we’re all fools…wishing and hoping for you to show up one day someday…’

Maybe You don’t exist at all.

Don Dasupta was on the verge of a complete break down…of the mind body and spirit.

He sat their lonely in the middle of nature with the hills, trees, roads and some clouds. They tried to say something to him all along the way…but he did not listen. They even tried to console him…but he was hurt. He buried his face in his knees and closed his eyes….

Just when hope lost itself to the winds,

Just when tears dried up in the clouds,

Just when hurt cloaked the slopes,

Just when pain hardened the pebbles,

Just when sorrow felled the trees,

Just when emotions choked the thunder,

Just then….she arrived.

Time had stopped for a moment.

Vulnerable eyes for love to look, luminous skin of divine origin, hair left for the breeze to follow, arched eyebrows bridged the sorrows, and a dimpled chin with lop sided grin, floated in from the sky.

The sun delayed it’s set, the moon peaked in early, the clouds fought to get glimpse, the trees swayed and the naughty leaves broke away, the pebbles rolled closer, the ground became softer, water fell slower, and the air cloaked her aura.

Words escaped Don. Expressions fought a contradictory battle. Don had no idea what to do or say.

‘you look hurt – what happened?’ she asked.

‘uh mm I don’t know’ Don fumbled with words.

‘then why do you look so forlorn?’

‘I ve been hurt and I have nothing to look forward to…

'b-but who are you?’

‘I am eternity – I have existed in time and beyond…such is my sorrow’

‘but isn’t that supposed mean ultimate happiness that you don’t die?’

‘your feet that touches this bare earth, this drop of water that trickles down your face, this wind that caresses your face this touch that feels the rain have all but deserted me.Does that make you more lonely than me?

‘When you travel this valley you can see the mountain it garlands….but when you travel the roads you will only wear the bracelet of pebbles…’

She put her hand on Don’s eyes, by the time he opened them again she was gone. So was his pain.

As Don continued his journey towards the top of the hill, he could see signs of civilization and hope. The weather beginning to clear a bit.

It was almost evening and he could see the lights dance in the distance.

Gyanban Thoughts – sometimes in life when things go wrong we question our fate, our existence our future and everything around us, having a ground level view of situations only adds to the confusion and dilemma.It is therefore upon us to rise above the ground level and view the picture from a distance or from a height, you will see the big picture and more importantly a clearer picture.

Who knows it may give you a new perspective. Just like Eternity did to Don, and made him realize to look at the big picture, to look over and above…in this world of micro-management and plans to the T, there is but a superior abstract waiting for all of us.

Read all about it in the final leg of Don's journey on hairpin bend number 7.

"The eye of a human being is a microscope, which makes the world seem bigger than it really is."

Khalil Gibran


  1. *sigh*
    when words fail to say wht you feel.... its better to leave, leaving all tht's unsaid.
    this bend was by far the best, better than and beyond....

  2. Don's tryst with eternity? nice..
    Loved the way you described her beauty, waxing lyrical...

  3. Each sentence is moist with dew and the cool mountain breeze, mixed with charm, nostalgia and poignancy. You are our resident Wordsworth in prose :)

  4. Very true Gyanban.. We cry out, lament, question ourselves in the most difficult of times and fail to see what actually went wrong...

  5. Don's tryst is extremely motivating and deals with the intricacies of life ina refreshing manner..

    Wonderfully narrated man... :)

  6. Along with Don we have all traveled through these hills and learnt our lessons along the way.I loved the part about Don meeting eternity or his guardian angel.We all meet of guardian angels but fail to recognize her.....cant wait to find out what lays ahead on the final bend.your beautiful words make us go into a trance...:)

  7. Loreena is truly applied to this beautiful story.

  8. Thank you all. Trying to finish the final part of the series...just waiting for inspiration to say a few things.

  9. Waiting for the last should get this printed and I am serious about it...this is a perfect short story for all people..we all get haunted by thee things sometime in our life..

    Your story reminded me so much of Richard Bach...
    Kudos Gyan...simply brillinat.

  10. LazyP - am so glad it touched a chord somewhere. Richard Bach is too high a praise, for an ordinary blogger, so I will politely decline. But i do respect your thoughts.

    Don's journey is one of exploration of the soul using the senses of nature.In the final part the elements fall in place and then you ll know why some of the bends had those messages.

    Don hopes to meet you on the final bend.

  11. gb: being self engrossed we miss seeing the big pict"The eye of a human being is a microscope, which makes the world seem bigger than it really is."

    Khalil Gibran

    ure and true persepective of things in life's scheme:)

  12. Hey Gyan,
    you turned a poet arounmd this bend?
    And You have indeed listed some questions that I myslef have asked the universe..But mine may not have had this great style an dpanache for I got no reply from Eternity..LOL..just kidding..GYan this was truly an amazing bend..And am sad that you've declared the series is about to end..
    I was just getting ready to cover a whole lot many more milestones with your protagonist..:(

  13. @Bina - I wish we could all see the big picture once and for all. Khalil makes so much sense.

    @Vibhuti - wouldn't call it poetry,just a few philosophical lines that went with the story.Arent we all waiting for eternity to answer our queries? Yes,the series will end on the 7th bend but life has many more roads to travel and many more milestones to follow...thanks for appreciating the storyline so much.


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