May 16, 2010

Reunion - Reconstructed.

The preceding part to the Blogadda Whodunit crime is here.


Logically, I evaluated 5 theories –approached by theory of elimination.

In the table below you will see a snapshot of why those theories were rejected.

I will however go on to prove one theory comprehensively.

[Annex available on request - see below]

1. Lila committing suicide.

1. If Lila commits suicide…then technically she cannot be the killer. Murder and Suicide are two different offences in the eyes of law.Alternatively,the case briefing could be debatable.

2. Sia being the killer

2. Time line suggests Lia is 51yrs old -Sia being her twin would be the same. Therefore carrying a motive well over 30odd years,ie assuming their altercation happened around age 20 [If it was earlier, the case gets even more weaker.] is quite unrealistic.

3. Lila switching to Sia

3. Case briefing suggests though they were twins there was very little in common appearance-wise. Therefore it would be practically impossible to switch and yet look identical. Even logistically, changing into Sia s clothes and coming out seems improbable, [ this also assumes that they were the same size and shape]

4. A being the killer.

4. Typically an ex husband wouldn't go to the party carrying a poisoned rose - murders of love and hurt are often a result of seething rage and heat of the moment. Besides if A did choose to murder her, he would've done it when she was alone. No where in the invitation it mentions that he had prior knowledge of the guests...only a guess. He shouldn't have been surprised, but he was,to see M and R and G in the same place.

5. Lila being a schizophrenic.

5. Lila playing this out in her mind seemed plausible if the narration was not by the author. If Lila were to narrate this story then it would probably hold some ground as it would be a part of her imagination.


Annex -

What is my stand? - Lila did not kill herself.I will prove to the members of the jury, that she did not commit suicide as is the common belief from the report briefing.This story cannot be finished without assumptions. Based on the case briefing here are some inferences.

What's the first line of defense ?

  • If Lila commits suicide…then technically she cannot be the killer.
  • Murder and Suicide are two different things in the eyes of law.
  • There was no gun shot heard – so death by shooting ruled out.
  • There was no blood on the floor – so death by stabbing ruled out.
  • There is no forensic evidence found – fingerprints, hair, saliva etc etc.
  • There were no hit marks on Lila’s body – so death by hitting is ruled out.
  • There seems to be no altercation with all the people in the room
  • It is evident therefore,death was caused by unusual substance.

First let's understand the character sketch of Lila -

  • Features,personality & lifestyle somewhat resemble a Leo or Scorpio woman.
  • Probably a public figure -explains that she was famous.
  • an inherent desire to be free from bindings. - explains 3 husbands and 1 lover.
  • impulsive and revengeful, easily hurt, emotionally volatile - explains her actions in each relationship.
  • probably has had childhood trauma -sibling rivalry is one thing, trying to kill your twin is another.
  • she had a dark dangerous side - explains why all her beaus wanted her dead.
  • She is a person who would want to live life to the fullest...till it s very end.

Let us address key points from the case brief -keeping the character sketch in mind.

There is a virus in her body – so what about it?

  • If we assume the virus was terminal – then she would be in hospital by now , not throwing a party.
  • Assuming G did this to her- she would be plotting revenge.Not greet him merrily in a party.
  • If someone smart has a few years to live,she would want to live to the fullest.
  • Her character sketch seems to suggest that she wanted freedom.
  • Not more implications and complications.
  • Besides she would not live to see her victory.So what's the point?

If she had a terminal virus and was not in the hospital –

  • it would mean she is physically very weak, with visible signs of a degenerating health condition.
  • None of this was evident as she was charming and funny with effortless ease during the first course of the party.
  • someone with a terminal virus would hardly be at their cheerful best.
  • there was no sign of any medical equipment/medicines etc. given in the case briefing.
  • for a terminally ill patient isn't that quite obvious?

So it proves she did not have a terminal virus and was NOT dying.

Now, assuming the virus was not terminal,then revenge plot, motive and act was too weak.

  • if revenge was the only thing she wanted,She would’ve been better off killing one at a time
  • Easier to plan and easier to execute don't you think?
  • She could have played the emotion card and lured one by one.
  • So clearly, inviting all of them at the same party would be against her smartness.
  • Alternatively, Killing herself and implicating others would mean a no win situation even for her.
  • Remember – she was smart.? And if she was indeed smart, then this motive falls flat.

That proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that Lila couldn’t have or wouldn’t have killed herself.

But Lila did die.

So now the question is how and who?

And the answer is 5.

The 5 estranged and wounded suspects, together outsmarted Lila this time. Without each one knowing it.

So in essence betrayal was the only killer.It was a successful revenge for all of their previous failed attempts.

For Lila she was "reunited" with freedom - something she always wanted...


Curious to know how the cookie crumbled ? Read on.

Lets do the scene reconstruction from the time each of them visit the room.

  • 5 suspects each played a part to kill her in that party.
  • None of them tried to flee as none of them were sure if Lila had actually died until later.
  • Leaving early, could mean the suspicion would fall on them.

The poisoned rose.

  • A is the first one to go into the room.
  • He wants to forget the past...but it comes alive.
  • There is no apology from her - and this triggers another attempt.
  • He notices the snake arm band.Remembers Lila mentioning about poison.
  • From his past,he knows the snake arm band has a liquid poison.
  • All he has is a yellow is not poisoned at this time.
  • He feigns a headache distracting Lila.
  • As Lila searches the porcelain tea cup to offer a strong cup of tea,
  • He turns around and sprays the poison on the rose.
  • The poison is odorless so Lila doesn't suspect.She accepts it.Smells it.
  • A knows the poison will take some time to effect her speech and senses.
  • Feeling slightly dizzy Lila abruptly asks A to call R.
  • She thinks its probably the alcohol getting to her.
  • A leaves the room thinking Lila would surely die in a few mins.

The porcelain cup.

  • R enters the room seeing Lila swaying a bit.He thinks it s the alcohol.
  • Being in the cult,he was brainwashed,that sacrifice is the only way to freedom from sin.
  • His convoluted mind had come to liberate Lila from her misery and ease her pain.
  • He was willing to offer Lila as sacrifice for her own freedom.
  • The rosary made sure R was in a perpetual state of trance.
  • The beads are stuffed with narcotic powder,procured from his cult members.
  • He gets up to go near the washroom to break open the beads containing the powder.
  • Being on narcotics himself,meant his hands were not steady.
  • He breaks the rosary bead chain and some beads fall on the floor.
  • He walks over them gingerly, mis shaping them in the process.
  • The powder is in his palms hidden from Lila.
  • Lila being dizzy doesn’t notice much.
  • He mixes the powder in the tea, gives it to her. She drinks it.
  • Now the poisoned rose and the narcotic powder are slowly taking control of her senses.
  • Feeling dizzy she drops the porcelain cup. It breaks.
  • R is a bit jittery at this point and leaves the room unsure of Lila’s state.

The misshapen bead.

  • Lila is groggy now and is mumbling something.
  • M enters the room and thinks Lila is drunk and doesn’t care.
  • M. the emotionally volatile guy, was already edgy.
  • He snaps when he sees the old scarf. It was his trigger.
  • Brings back ugly old memories.His volatile nature provokes him to attack Lila
  • Impulsively he grabs the scarf lying by the bedside, and tries to strangle her.
  • As Lila becomes motionless...his state of frenzy settles down.
  • He thinks she's dead.
  • He doesn't know what to do with the scarf.
  • But Lila is alive...still breathing...and when makes an effort to move, he is shocked.
  • He is really nervous and shivering…he stashes the scarf under the pillow.
  • Not knowing what to do he leaves the room unsure of Lila’s death.

The crumpled scarf.

  • G enters the room seeing Lila lying almost motionless ,he senses trouble.
  • He thinks she s dead already.He immediately guesses one of the husbands behind this.
  • Being a famous public figure he can ill afford another scandal.
  • Besides his past record would definitely go against him even if he pleaded innocence.
  • G had to come up with a plan – else his past record would surely nail him.
  • He needed to prove he was not there the time Lila was killed.
  • Time in the mobile camera is re set to 20 min.s later.
  • So that he could prove he came in late – after the crime was committed.
  • The forensic evidence would definitely find the time of the murder.

  • As Lila regains her senses, as one last ditch effort by the body to recuperate.
  • She tries to get up but is groggy, she grabs hold of the cabinet by the bedside.
  • The cabinet opens and the jewelry box falls on to the floor.
  • All contents are emptied on the floor.
  • There are jewels, some beads and a bullet from her past.
  • G is shocked and relieved at the same time.
  • He thought he should exit the room before Lila identifies him.
  • He leaves the room thinking she’s alive.

The bedside cabinet and empty jewel box.

  • Sia enters the room seeing Lila trying to get up.
  • Deep inside she could never forgive her all her life.
  • Her childhood trauma had ruined her adult life.
  • Seeing Lila in the groggy state she softens up a bit.
  • But then she sees the snake arm band with eyes gleaming.
  • An indication there was liquid poison in there.
  • She assumes Lila wanted to kill her again.and that was her trigger.
  • As a final nail in the coffin she injects the poison from the arm band,
  • Lila tries to feebly resist, even breaking open the arm band.
  • But it was too late by then.
  • Lila falls over.
  • Sia goes out of the room weeping unsure if Lila was going to be alive.


  • Lila gathers herself and limps out of the room
  • She is dismayed and hurt beyond imagination.
  • She truly wanted to bury the hatchet tonight…
  • Instead realized that none of them really cared.
  • Instead they carried deep wounds which she had inflicted on them.
  • She gingerly steps out of the room to see all of her perpetrators.
  • Waiting to see her die.
  • She is speechless part by poison and part by utmost hurt.
  • With a massive angst in her mind, she goes back to her room.
  • She dies there accepting her Reunion with freedom.

The verdict.

Now that all evidence is found and linked to all the 5 suspects and conclusively proven them guilty.

Each of the 5 suspects killed her in their own way, but they did not tell that to each other.

A,R and Sia are charged with first degree murder.

G and M are charged with abetment to murder.

All are sentenced guilty.

Gyanban Thoughts -
  1. for contest please consider only the first 400 words.
  2. The Lila suicide theory is clearly debunked.
  3. I have picked up the story from the point where it is a general consensus that Lila is killer.
  4. The clue in T&C - was obvious and leading.
  5. The plot IMHO has a lot of loopholes,needed to be tighter.
  6. There are at least two typos I noted in the original text.
  7. I have attempted to reconstruct the whole story sequentially,hence the length.
  8. I wanted to take the most unpredictable , improbable approach that of 5 killers.
  9. I think once I knew 5 people were out to kill Lila the facts fell into place.
  10. lot of the derivations were nothing but logical conclusions.
  11. Some research on historical -odd-against-it-cases was done.
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Love: A torture
Love is a form of Torture


  1. :) wow this is one hell of case study.. but it has some flaws as far as I think and why isn't it on the comment section? :)
    I see that you have done an in depth study , like that made me also see things in new light
    Best wishes GB
    would love to see a story like this from your pen. :)

  2. Wow! you've thrown a new light on the story that has been creating a havoc in countless minds since past few days.

    Loved the court-room presentation and in-depth analysis of the mystery case.

    Just like Tikuli suggested, I'd love to read a long story on similar lines from you :D :D

    Best wishes for the contest :D

  3. This is quite a new story! Nice to read. Good to see that someone at least shown the flaws of the story. If a murder weapon is not found, it cannot be considered as a murder. But one thing, you have once mentioned that there was no evidence found in the "forensic evidence" again you mention that she was poisoned! Please explain!

    Thanks and all the best.

  4. @tikilicious. -Well thank you for appreciating the analysis.i will look forward to your story.i am certain your analysis will be 100% flawless. Good luck. Yes writing a short long story - taking to a different level.

    @Chatterbox - well thank you for appreciating the analysis.Key to murder mysteries is to question every single detail. In fact the previous post Deja Vu - is bit of a whodunit.:-)
    thanks again.

    @shankha - welcome to Scrambled Egg!! Yes the story has multiple openings,but hey that is where the challenge lies.I was struggling to get one complete logic.Maybe the author/blogadda will enlighten us on that.

    One is the inference from the case briefing,and the second is proving it.When you put up an inference in the court of law - you have to substantiate it with credible evidence.My annex statements do exactly that. -beyond reasonable doubt.

  5. Thats like not leaving a bit of the story to get to the answer. You tuk each part of it to find a solution.. Kewl.. nice go.. :)

    N she is tiku, not tiki :P

  6. Thats quite an analysis :)

  7. Hey awesome analysis.. U have beautifully shown how the cookie exactly crumbled.. Kudos for coming up with this..
    All the best for the contest..:)

  8. OMG...Hats off to such a deep analysis...
    minute details...
    You highlighted a completely different perspective of this mystery....

    All the best for the contest

  9. Bedlam - thanks and welcome to Scrambled Egg!!

    @Shilpa - thanks

    @Sushobhan - thanks for appreciating the effort.

    @geeta - the devil is in the detail isnt it? thanks a ton..

  10. An Award waiting for you in my blog :)


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