June 22, 2010

Oubliette - Dawn

Just as I float through empty space,

I see myself trapped on a nameless wall

As darkness cloaks my footprints trace

Imprisoned soul seeks the light

Darkness dies and enlightenment awaits

Walking ahead on an endless road

Memories scar on every bend

The end is nigh I might sink

Floats in hope, with a silly grin.

Life swings in many ways…

And rhymes without a reason.

Just One Single Impression...

Gyanban Thoughts - Life has more questions to offer than answers,somewhere this imbalance and uncertainty becomes a pattern and starts to form a whole truth in itself.We feel trapped when circumstances are unfavorable.Yet as the dynamics change,the same environment seems a more comfortable place to be in.We are but prisoners of life.


  1. this is so amazing! :) i can relate with it. very nice read Gyanban!

  2. No barrier is to me.

    And thanks for stopping by Scrambled, Not Fried.

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  3. Lovely work! Reminds me of the phrase 'change is the only constant'...something I have to tell myself when things get tough. It's interesting how we perceive our lives through the lenses of how we are feeling because of what we think we may be going through...

  4. A Complex and very philosophical view of life :)
    Beautifully written :)

  5. Beautiful GB.. You are an amazing poet too.. :)

  6. A piece of philosophy expressed beautifully through those words.

    P.S:Bad bad layout.My browser stopped responding for a good many seconds :(

  7. nameless wall....liked this combo.

  8. The 1st three lines hit a nerve with me...
    The rest I believe is a more personal road for you that came out in some neat expression!

    The picture carried the lines I speak of initially, REALLY well! :)

  9. its lovely and I mean it :)) miss our chats :))

  10. hmmm dont know what to say .. the poem is beautiful and the picture is equally beautiful tooo.. BOTH Are... excellent ...

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  12. hi dear, you have put life in a poem but only life is not a poem!

  13. Wow absolutely amazing and relatable.

  14. Beautiful poetry, mate.
    Change is necessary and it is inevitable but it is also dreaded. A great paradox that you wrote about beautifully.
    Cheers, mate. :)

  15. Wow! Interesting and very profound! And I LOVE your theme gyan! It sort of adds to the aura around this poem!

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