October 14, 2010

Forgotten Artist

People bow and pray,
to the God he made,
Her eyes sparkle,
he creates a magical spectacle,
the paintbrush is seldom seen,
hidden in a brilliant red or an olive green.

Velvet nights and silver stars shining,
fingers aching,curving and shaping,
Burning the midnight oil,
he fills hope into the soil,
he breathes life into the idol
a true test of his mettle.

A million eyes will shine,
seeing the creation divine.
the traces of the nameless faces,
of distant people and farther places,
fade away silently,
yet he waits patiently,

Lying on the lifeless floor,
his dark hut's expecting door,
they knock again after a year,
but the forgotten artist is no longer there.

Gyanban Thoughts -

A series of photographs capturing just a handful of moments from Kolkata' s Durga Puja celebrations.
The artistry, decor and the skill used to make such beautiful structures is simply breathtaking.It becomes even more special when one realizes that the people who built these idols and structures have no formal training, or tools or any other modern amenities to support them.They have been doing this for centuries and have perfected the art.

If only we could showcase them to the whole world, their fortunes would not have fluctuated from one to puja to the other.They would have made a sustained consistent means of living and come up the society levels and be treated as equals.

This is but a small tribute to those unknown unseen anonymous faces who make the Durja Puja such a special occasion for millions of people around the world.Just stop a moment to think and thank the craftsman,the forgotten artist, as you see such brilliant display of sheer talent.

October 9, 2010


Misty roads and earthy beads,
where the faint footprints lead,
Endless roads and still milestones,
where the memories wait for bygones,

Smooth skies wrap the rough terrains,
A space full yet emptiness reigns,
Trying sun but darkness grows
The blue sky cloaks the red sorrows.

Train's rolling and the wind blowing,
smiling faces hide the painful sting,
Bells ring and the distant temple sings,
He is quietly watching,everything.

Fire in her soul, she walks free,
left behind the dark mind,
Runs on the endless empty wheels,
One look is all she can steal,

Clouds burst and the rain breaks free,
Water splashes with a new glee,
Dew drops look on with an expectant smile
Her eyes close,leaving her domicile.

Gyanban Thoughts - a few lines about the elements Earth Air Fire Water . We often wonder why is life such a mixed up thing.The elements in harmony play a different music yet one missed chord can disturb the entire melody.Therefore we are all running,working,trying to play the perfect notes to enjoy the perfect melody of life.Yet life keeps surprising us with a new tune with the same elements. Is there anything we can do for sure? Do we really control our lives? Or do the elements control us ? We just play along....

image courtesy :desktopnexus


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