October 9, 2010


Misty roads and earthy beads,
where the faint footprints lead,
Endless roads and still milestones,
where the memories wait for bygones,

Smooth skies wrap the rough terrains,
A space full yet emptiness reigns,
Trying sun but darkness grows
The blue sky cloaks the red sorrows.

Train's rolling and the wind blowing,
smiling faces hide the painful sting,
Bells ring and the distant temple sings,
He is quietly watching,everything.

Fire in her soul, she walks free,
left behind the dark mind,
Runs on the endless empty wheels,
One look is all she can steal,

Clouds burst and the rain breaks free,
Water splashes with a new glee,
Dew drops look on with an expectant smile
Her eyes close,leaving her domicile.

Gyanban Thoughts - a few lines about the elements Earth Air Fire Water . We often wonder why is life such a mixed up thing.The elements in harmony play a different music yet one missed chord can disturb the entire melody.Therefore we are all running,working,trying to play the perfect notes to enjoy the perfect melody of life.Yet life keeps surprising us with a new tune with the same elements. Is there anything we can do for sure? Do we really control our lives? Or do the elements control us ? We just play along....

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  1. I love the play of words and how you used all the elements of nature to describe the last minutes of a life...though it is a sad thing...it still doesnt make you sad...right balance

  2. Thanks Shahid - the intention was not about the last moments of a life as much as it was about the overpowering of the influence of elements in our lives which we tend to take for granted in all our perfect planning efforts.

  3. What a beautiful metaphor Gyanban...

    The elements are what make us, are what make the existence of everything and even us possible...

    without these elements, there is no life!

    beautifully penned Gyanban... :-)

  4. The words have been weaved so beautifully to form this piece..that somewhere the meaning or the implication becomes unimportant. I was just lost in the vivid imagery and descriptions.
    Very nicely written!
    Btw this is a request..please vote for my Share Life contest entry GB....IF you like the post. You seem to be inactive on FB that's why had to ask you here.

  5. may be it's just me, but if it's about the five elements, then somehow, the other imagery in the poem is serving to distract, rather than focus on water, earth, fire... seemed a little vague..

  6. Very beautiful written the five elements in nature.I have shared similar interest in my blog too

    Read this
    http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=34845 and support me

  7. And we are happy dancing to the tunes of some force!

    A four lines of poem says, what books may not!

  8. We can control our lives by, how the way we feel about our lives.Everyone's life is full of ups and downs......all we need to do is be positive and remove all negative thoughts from our minds.Read The Secret...The Power Gyan Ban, then u will know why i am saying this :-) You have again written a wonderful poem as always!

  9. Smooth skies wrap the rough terrains,
    A space full yet emptiness reigns,


    From where do u derive inspiration to write so well and such melodious thoughts?! :)

    btw, a typo in fourth last line.


  10. "Train's rolling and the wind blowing,
    where the faces hide the painful sting,
    Bells ring and the distant temple sings,
    He is quietly watching,everything..."

    love these lines.... :-)

  11. Hi Gyan,
    am extremely sorry that I havent been visiting here over the past couple of months. I was away from the blogsphere in fact for personal reasons.
    And now that Im back what a treat I get to read here!
    Even a poem from you has such a beautiful theme. even if u hadnt explained it was so clear that you were telling the tale of teh elements thru verse! Absolutely beautiful..:))

  12. GB, that was very beautiful. But for a good critique, please join S&Co. on Ryze (See my page) and post it there. There are a bunch of talented writers out there who could provide feedback.

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