December 2, 2010

Really TV

Half awake at 2 the TV spoke ‘go save the soul next door’.

I went and came back.

Next I opened my eyes, it was a police station.

I asked them to see the evidence...

I showed them the carefully wrapped heart.

Glistening and still bubbling with soul.

I think they did not like the soiled severed digits.

Gyanban Thoughts - this is a dark psychological narrative.The story actually unfolds in between the lines rather than what is written.This is a deliberate attempt to have the reader think or visualise his/her own conclusion.If you read the story in detail you will need to sequence the lines one after the other only then the sequence of events will fall in place.That's when you get the big picture.


  1. is this kinda like dream sequence??? went bouncer!!!

  2. This is a dark 55 in between the lines an you'll get the picture.

  3. hhmmmm..... delusion? he thinks the tv has a personal msg for him? if tht is the case, its pretty gory... :-( wht happen to ur funny 55-ers??

  4. Really liked the way this was to so many interpretations! Looking forward to reading the rest of your entries...


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