January 28, 2011


Why don’t these roads take me home?

Why doesn’t the glass quench my thirst?

Why doesn’t the sky soar so high anymore?

Why doesn’t the water run so deep?

Why does the view look forlorn?

Why does the touch talk no more?

Why do pains hurt no more?

Why do rains seem so dry ?

Why should clouds take shape?

Why would the mountains stand tall?

Why wouldn’t tears fill up the sky?

Why shouldn’t they crumble and fall?

Why does it feel crowded walking alone?

Why do the walls stare emptily?

Why does the window show sorrow?

Why does the breeze miss the trees?

Why does the bright yellow seem so grey?

Why do the colors fade?

Why cant we design our fate?

Why don’t we walk through that gate?

Gyanban Thoughts - Sometimes in life there are so many questions that one looks for some clarity of thought to take or make a decision.However, in the process of finding clarity one lands up into many more questions.To make things more vulnerable, these questions manifest only in one point of time -not always.Therefore, it s tough to find out what to base your answers and or actions on ? Maybe you've just got to go with the flow...who knows...

Written for Writers Island.

image courtesy :desktopnexus.com


  1. Yes, so many questions! And if you get answers for some, there are other questions waiting!

  2. Why so serious?
    But that was lyrical and loved it.

  3. Nice one GB!In life,it's always not good to go with the flow.It's better to find answers for all questions and then make a decision.Just going with the flow delays important decisions of life.

  4. The words are really nice and expressive:-)

  5. We get answers only if we ask, and ask often... :)

  6. I always end up loving the last lines you write :)

  7. @aativas - welcome back after a long time - couldnt agree more -questions beget questions.

    @MM - thanks for appreciating it.

    @Sudeshna - the path to finding answers leads to more questions,and that is exactly what I am trying to say ...Thanks for appreciating.

    @Gauri - Good to see you back on Gyanban. Asking questions more often will get you the answers ?

    @Meghpeon - he he thank you -much appreciated.

  8. Very nice, pain is palpable !!


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