February 14, 2011


When the moonlight shadow follows me,
Silent footsteps echo in the street,

The oriental scent that teases me,
Flowing locks that blinded me,

An arching head looking behind,
Inviting eyes ravage the mind,

Quivering lips moisten subtly,
Brutal nails pierce slowly,

Touch my body like a burning coal,
Darkness fights the incandescent soul.

Gyanban Thoughts -For few fortunate people,when they first make love,it is a moment in time they remember forever.A myriad of emotions go through the mind,body and heart.Conflicts and contradictions fight raging passion and intense attraction.Feelings linger every day though memories slowly fly away.This poem is dedicated to all those in love,out of love,about to be in love or about to fall out of love.Go back in time and recreate the magic.

If love is a trick it will have a beginning and an end, but the magic is to see how long can you last within...

February 3, 2011

Luck - by Design?

The bike sped, she almost gasped for breath.

He was in no mood to listen, kept on dodging cars and bikes along the way.

‘Please slow down I am feeling scared’ she said.

‘Nothing can stop us darling, we are going all the way’ he said.

Lara Khan & Chris D’ Souza eloped that night.


They’d met by sheer accident.

Torrential rain & a deserted bungalow were the perfect catalysts.

‘You shouldn’t be alone at this hour’ Karthik Iyer whispered.

‘It’s not by design’ Ujala Jaisingh murmured.

There was instant combustion; lips devoured the different contours hungrily.

7 years & 2 miscarriages later, the water bag burst one more time…


‘The helmet strap is hurting’ Chris shouted.

‘Let me take it out for you’ Lara offered.

‘Hang in there honey, hospital is around the corner’ Karthik shouted nervously.

‘I will’ Ujala said calmly.

Karthik turned to look ahead –shocked.

Chris looked at her, one last time – wearing the helmet.

He knew the brakes had failed.


    Gyanban Thoughts – we often ask why is life sometimes so cruel ? Unfortunately we rarely or never get the answers. This 55 fiction is about 4 characters, in different backgrounds meeting by chance, by accident…

    Notice the first letters of each character is by design , forming the word LUCK. Hence the title Luck by design, which in itself is an oxymoron…much like life isn’t it?

    Other subtleties in religious beliefs and personality traits are by design to heighten the disparity of the plot, yet the end is the ironical similarity.

    And in case you missed, the cherry on the cake –

    Chris’ speeding the bike was not by design, he realized the brakes had failed and was trying to dodge his way to a halt, yet being night time it was difficult.

    Ujala knew her baby had gone with the burst of the water bag, but remained calm, because she could not bear to break the news to the nervous Karthik, she thought the doctor would be a better bet – and this was by design.

    The bike incident inspired by some TV advert on the net I saw many years ago. This story was created at about 30,000ft. above sea level on my flight out of Bangalore. The sky outside the window highlighted yet another oxymoron – flying by design and grounded only by luck !

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