February 14, 2011


When the moonlight shadow follows me,
Silent footsteps echo in the street,

The oriental scent that teases me,
Flowing locks that blinded me,

An arching head looking behind,
Inviting eyes ravage the mind,

Quivering lips moisten subtly,
Brutal nails pierce slowly,

Touch my body like a burning coal,
Darkness fights the incandescent soul.

Gyanban Thoughts -For few fortunate people,when they first make love,it is a moment in time they remember forever.A myriad of emotions go through the mind,body and heart.Conflicts and contradictions fight raging passion and intense attraction.Feelings linger every day though memories slowly fly away.This poem is dedicated to all those in love,out of love,about to be in love or about to fall out of love.Go back in time and recreate the magic.

If love is a trick it will have a beginning and an end, but the magic is to see how long can you last within...


  1. :-) Lovely GB.Something about your after thoughts.....Love is not a trick and so it does have a beginning and never has an end!Love does not end,it's the relationship between indivuduals that might end.Love is beautiful and once you experience true love,it follows you lifelong :-) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Marvellous! You sure have a way with words. Waiting for more...

  3. Nice imagery created and beautiful words that are scintillating and skillfully used!!

    Loved the little write at the bottom~ lot of wisdom in there!!

  4. Indeed darkness loses.. every time.. I liked the poem..

  5. Came back to your blog after a few weeks. A pleasant surprise to read this post! You are quite a charmer with words !!

  6. I liked the way you changed the background pic.as per closeup paste type, and now again a marvelous design and pic you have.
    darkness fights...........,
    a great spiritual hints there.
    words can not describe such things.

  7. :-) It's nice to see so many fans......go on GB write more and more and more!

  8. Beautiful poem, quite intense

  9. Beautiful poem. I enjoyed each verse especially the last stanza. Your thoughts and sentiments on love are touching as well.

  10. Thank you everybody for the kind words.

  11. knock out, kinda speechless, hope i wil see dat day too soon :P

  12. What a deep, experiential moment of reliving first love... You truly captured the essence of it. Loved your explanation below as well.

  13. Love the way you portrayed this. Good work.


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